UUKI lifetime deal [$79] – Build Web3 communities where you can host discussions

UUKI lifetime deal

UUKI is a contemporary community site where users can engage in discussions and share their content. UUKI isn’t solely focused on digital marketing. However, it covers a variety of subjects like social media marketing via influencers, Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, and many more.

UUKI Lifetime Access

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What is Uuki?

UUKI Lifetime Access

UUKI is a contemporary community platform for people who wish to participate in engaging discussions and publish material related to topics they are interested in.

UUKI aids creators create communities on the internet for Web3 users interested in NFTs, cryptocurrency education courses, and products.

You can also earn cash by selling premium content through one-time payment and subscription to pay websites.

The platform lets sellers showcase the authentic digital UUKI it is possible products developed by using another platform. They can also be part of a community that is comprised of members who are trusted.

Don’t forget that you could start your own NFTs-related business using digital art. This will create an online community that is dedicated to viewers.

You can completely alter the look of your website by changing the subdomains, font styles, and colors.

Rewards top contributors by gamifying elements such as leaderboards and ranks!

Create a community that shares your interests. However, you must adhere to the rules of other people.

UUKI Lifetime Access

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UUKI has features

With UUKI it is possible to build relationships with your brand discussion and content through publishing important bits of information you believe will take you up the ladder!

uuki lifetime deal

This article will give you a brief overview of the three major features of IJUKI.

UUKI Lifetime Access

Build Community

Please use IJUKI to strengthen the relationship between your brand and its customers, allowing them to create a deeper connection by providing insight into your brand’s content and the conversations around that content.

Mobile friendly

Suppose you take a look at the majority of people of today. In that case, they are smartphone users, so creating a responsive environment is crucial to ensure that functionality is easy for everyone.

Event host

UUKI is the ideal tool for event planners looking to ensure that their event is a huge success. With UUKI, you can create a stunning website for the event and invite attendees who are part of your network on LinkedIn to join you.

After they sign up, you’ll be able to access their information, including their email addresses, meaning you can communicate with them about updates directly via your LinkedIn account. You are also able to sell tickets for your events via UUKI.

UUKI Lifetime Access

Easy to create as a community-based platform.

Uuki can transform into uuki with no problems! Uuki is a white-labeled, flexible product and supports a range of use-cases.


Create a community for your course hosted through an LMS or other course platform for your students to benefit from each other’s experiences and engage directly with you. Students are engaged in learning through social interaction – they’re communicating, collaborating, and engaging with one another in the classroom and with you.

UUKI Lifetime Access

NFT or Crypto

Offer your users an appropriate, dedicated space to feel connected across the various apps that use NFTs. Users, app developers, and token holders will also enjoy this feature to talk directly to your team regarding the upcoming initiatives you’re undertaking.


If you want your customers to be awed by your product, they will require enough space to access knowledge and tools. It is essential to provide them with the appropriate online platform to confidently inquire about your product and experience exactly what your business promises.


UUKI allows you to host and build an online community that is paid for with the capability to charge for digital products.

UUKI Lifetime Access


Create a community that is engaged by utilizing our services. You can easily set up UUKI for your site in two hours, and you’ll see traffic coming to your website shortly after!

Communities of influencers

Have a community already? You can move to UUKI, and using our white label solution will allow you to develop a relationship directly with them.

Price of the UUki on appsumo

UUki offers three plans choices!

Costs for UUki vary based on the type and size of the plan selected

  1. One plan is known as “Starter,” and comes at $19/month.
  • 1 community
  • Storage 5 Gb
  • Transaction Fees 8%
  • Spaces 10
  • Direct Messaging
  • Member profiles & directory
  • Group Chat
  • In-app Notification
UUKI Lifetime Access

2. The next plan is referred to as “Pro,” and it comes at $79.00/Monthly

  • This includes all Starter plans
  • Take off the brand
  • Automatic Moderation
  • Custom Scripts
  • Facebook SSO
  • Google SSO
  • Priority Emal Support
  • WordPress SSO

3. The third plan is, known as “Advance,” comes at $249.00/monthly

  • Included are all pro and starter plans
  • A dedicated Account Manager
  • Sender email customization
  • Custom SSO
  • Custom OAuthy
  • White-label PWA
  • Custom CSS and JavaScript
  • Advanced Analytics and Moderation

UUki lifetime deal –Appsumo

Wherever you are, UUKI makes certain that you join in with your local neighborhood and maintain the dialogue flowing.

UUKI Lifetime Access

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One Time Purchase of $79  $948.00

  • UUKI lifetime access
  • Unlimited storage, unlimited members, and storage
  • Unlimited public spaces
  • Moderation and reporting
  • 3 moderators total or admins
  • 1 CNAME per community
  • Take off the branding

UUKI Lifetime Access

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UUKI Lifetime Access

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Final Though

UUKI is a great platform for people who want to join in discussions and share their content. I strongly recommend you to give it a go!

UUKI Lifetime Access

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