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UIlicious lifetime deal

The internet condition is a mess, frustrating, and out of date. Certain types of experiences aren’t occurring as they should.

Web-based functions are stuck in a painful history where the users aren’t treated the way they should be.

UIlicious is a tool that bridges the gaps left by outdated web experiences and ensures that every experience, however complicated or easy, is able to be evaluated and monitored using one interface.

UIlicious is an instrument that allows you to build cross-browser flexible HTML, CSS, and JS for your web pages. With its simple drag-and-drop interface, you are able to tell the UIlicious exactly how your site appears like and where to find the scripts to help it function.

Ullicious Lifetime Access

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Ullicious overview

Ullicious Lifetime Access

Stop manual testing! With UIlicious, you can use machine learning to cut out as many hours of frustrating work as possible.

Visibility -Analyze your app’s user experience in real-time and make sure you don’t miss an issue.

Control: Create variable test schedules that are based on the step in the workflow, which requires verification as well as the platform (desktop mobile, desktop.). Desire:

Enhance the performance of your testers and developers with the confidence that your software will perform perfectly and is time-saving.

The platform was designed to allow users to write code quickly, using an open-ended path that makes the most of the simple code examples. It also allows users to skip over or behind steps to make programming as a regular Whoop much easier for people who aren’t proficient in learning.

As important, test code should be simple for you to read, write and maintain. Your test program will assist you in doing just this and make your business, large or small, more efficient and profitable.

Ullicious Lifetime Access

It can also assist you and your staff in resolving bugs faster by providing a full test report.

You may also share the URLs of failed tests which contains all the information developers need.

Every report has photos, test data, and recorded timestamps for the test procedure-all presented in a neat annotation-based player.

Are you looking to download the outcome to keep them safe? Export them in JSON or PDF format, as well as CSV or as a ZIP image file with PNG images.

It is vital to identify flaws in order to prevent issues for customers. Also, Ullicious aids you in determining how to connect your tests during the process of deployment to ensure that any errors are identified quickly.

Ullicious Lifetime Access

UIlicious lifetime deal

You can create alerts to ensure that you will be notified of any problems through Slack, Email, Microsoft Teams, or chat apps by using webhooks.

The dashboard to monitor allows you to assess the status of each test and identify any issues that could be present.

Ullicious Lifetime Access

Additionally, as the platform is easy and user-friendly, all members of your team can play a part in making the user experience better for your website and your user journeys.

All-in-one testing solution for everyone

UIlicious is the ideal instrument for Product Managers that want to write user experience tests using the same ease as they can write HTML and CSS.

It allows you to create code that looks and behaves like code, is easy and simple to use, and lets you see the results in real-time. You don’t have to go through the text of the test case–just type the steps in UIlicious and get working test results in just a few minutes!

Ullicious lifetime deal -Appsumo

A lifetime contract is a type of contract that provides customers with an indefinite number of years of service. Usually, it is at no cost. The customer doesn’t have an obligation to extend their agreement each year.

Ullicious Lifetime Access
  • Access for life to UIlicious
  • Codes are not required. There’s no stacking – just choose the one that’s best for you.
  • Only available to the first time UIlicious users who don’t have an existing account
  • 60-day money-back assurance, regardless of the reason
  • Export as pdf, JSON, CSV, or formats for images
  • Get instant notifications
  • Test on different screen resolutions
  • Screenshots at each step in the testing
  • Auto-redact sensitive information
  • Data-driven testing using variables

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UIlicious lifetime deal

Ullicious Lifetime Access
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Ullicious Lifetime Access

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