SpeedPPC lifetime deal – high converting PPC campaigns 72,500% faster

SpeedPPC lifetime deal

Speedppc is one of the most affordable and effective ways to increase conversions and decrease spending. With this tool, marketers can run campaigns at scale without worrying about spending too much on their ads.

Our Roll-Out feature takes your PPC needs to the next level. With Speedppc, you can target your customers and increase their conversion rate while spending less than other competitors.

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What is SpeedPPC?

SpeedPPC is a pay-per-click campaign builder that allows you to create hyper-targeted ads that convert.

SpeedPPC is a tool that helps you build pay-per-click campaigns that convert into sales. You can drive more sales by targeting specific demographics who need the product the most.

SpeedPPC is a great choice for those who want to be simple and complex. It offers a user-friendly interface and a variety of tools that allow you to manage multiple campaigns at once.

Keyword research tools can help you create keyword sets relevant to your campaign. You can save these keyword sets for later use, regardless of whether you’re using negative keywords or bid keywords.

You can create targeted ads that match keywords searched. This increases clickthrough rates and quality scores, so you pay less for more traffic.

Dynamic landing page integration allows you to generate unique URLs for each keyword that contains the most relevant content.

How to work SpeedPPC?

SpeedPPC isn’t limited by how much you spend and how many clients your business has.

SpeedPPC allows you to create four campaign types using four keyword lists that work for Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.

Create single keyword ad groups (SKAGs), which match each ad’s keywords. Single theme ad groups (STAGs) that account for similar variants.

There are other options available. For example, you can make Responsive Text Ads and Call-Only ads to match specific keywords and lower display costs.

SpeedPPC allows you to focus on long-tail keywords and targeted searches. There are also fallback options for keywords that are too long.

Create unlimited campaigns using ads and keyword sets not tied to your ad spending. All of this information is available on your dashboard for you to view and modify.

It is easy to manage similar campaigns with different targets. The dashboard allows you to view multiple versions of your campaigns and duplicate them for minor modifications.

You can also loop in your team members by giving them sub-user access and sharing your campaign building blocks.

Why SpeedPPC do you need?

SpeedPPC lifetime deal

Implement high-converting, highly targeted PPC campaigns 72,500% quicker with Google Ads or Microsoft Ads.

Build Campaigns *Much* Faster

To scale up your PPC campaigns dramatically, you don’t necessarily need a large team or a lot of time.

SpeedPPC is all you need to automate your marketing campaigns. As a result, you can create more profitable campaigns in a shorter time.

Get More Traffic at Lower Costs

SpeedPPC creates highly targeted, relevant campaigns with higher clickthrough rates and higher Quality Scores.

This means that you pay less per click to buy more traffic with the same budget.

Increase Conversion Rates

The greater the relationship between the search term and the landing page, the higher your conversion rates.

SpeedPPC makes it easy and quick.

Improve Clickthrough Rates

Your clickthrough rates will go up if the text of your ad is closely related to your keywords. Again, this will help you reduce your costs.

SpeedPPC allows you to achieve this by creating small ad groups that are tightly focused on keywords and matched ads.

Drive-Up Quality Score

SpeedPPC allows you to automatically create landing pages and ads that provide the exact information people are looking for. What is the result?

Google presents a great Quality ScoreLower Ad Costs, and Higher Ad Positions.

Expand New Converting Keywords

Keywords are essential to any search campaign.

Everyone is losing out on traffic and profits at any given moment by not bidding for all keywords.

SpeedPPC can help you ramp up your campaigns using 7 different keyword research and competitor research tools.

Competitor Account X-Ray Vision

SpeedPPC lifetime deal

Would you like to look into your competitors’ accounts to see which keywords they are bidding for?

We can’t do it exactly, but there are some things we can do.

Our competitor analysis tools monitor 120,000,000+ keywords over 46,000,000+ domains to provide you with the intelligence you need.

All the features of SpeedPPC

  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Campaign Spend
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Unlimited Ads campaign
  • No Campaign Size Restrictions
  • Google and Microsoft Ads Campaigns
  • Microsoft Ad Campaigns access
  • build targeted ad campaigns
  • Call Only Ads
  • Responsive Search Ads
  • Save Keyword Sets
  • Create Unique Tracking IDs
  • Five Different Mix Types
  • 13 Different Ad Tokens
  • And more option

Research Tools (All)

  • Keyword & Competitor Research
  • pay per click campaign
  • Competitor Text Ad Spy
  • 117 Geo Databases
  • 790 Million Domains
  • 19 Billion Keywords

Speedppc lifetime deals-Appsumo

SpeedPPC is an online tool for creating pay-per-click campaigns that allow you to create hyper-targeted ads campaigns that convert.

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  • 1,000-lifetime research credits
  • Google and Microsoft ad campaigns
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Unlimited ads
  • Unlimited campaign spend

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