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How can you communicate the progress of your project to stakeholders? This is an essential question to ask when you take on a project. Stakeholders who don’t know the scope of your project can create unrealistic plans, miss deadlines, and exceed the budget. How can you ensure that your project delivers what it is supposed to? Preceden is the perfect solution. Preceden, a web-based tool, helps you to create professional project timelines. It is easy to use. Simply enter the activities and milestones.

What is Preceden?

Preceden, a web-based tool, helps you to create professional project timelines. It allows you to track your progress and identify obstacles to make informed decisions about how and when to move forward. Preceden allows you to create a timeline to help ensure your projects are on schedule and within budget.

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Why Precede?

Do you want an easy way of creating timelines and maps? Preceden could be the right tool for you! You can quickly create amazing visualizations using this online timeline maker, which includes timelines, radar charts, pie charts, and other charts. Preceden is an excellent tool for keeping track of progress and sharing ideas. Give it a shot today!

All features from Preceden

Preceden allows you to quickly create, customize and share stunning timeline visualizations. Preceden is a tool that makes it simple to track progress and share ideas with others. Preceden allows you to create timelines quickly and share them with others for feedback or collaboration.

Visualize Key Events: Easy Access and Visibility of Past Events or upcoming Changes allows you to organize events, look back at past events, monitor what’s happening now, and predict the future.

You can share your timeline in many ways: There are many options for sharing it, including a PDF, image or HTML embed, PowerPoint export, Keynote export, spreadsheet, and presentation mode.

Gain clarity and insight: It would be amazing if you could have a handheld device showing you all aspects of your project’s timeline, including who is involved and when it happened. You might be the next to experience it!

Preceden Interactive Timeline Creator makes it easy to create, collaborate and share timelines. This allows you to focus on your project instead of learning about complicated road mapping software or Gantt charts.

You can either start simple or use a theme: The Preceden timeline maker provides three professional templates that will help you to kickstart your timeline. Or you can start from scratch and customize every aspect of it.

Preceden Lifetime Deal

Advanced Features for Power Users: With the Dependency and Caption tools, you can add milestones, user permissions, and dependencies to your timeline.

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Preceden overall overview

Preceden, a web-based tool that allows you to create professional project roadmaps and timelines, is available for download. The tool automatically generates stunning visualizations for you by simply adding key events to your timeline. You can group these events into layers to organize your timeline by team members or department. Preceden was created with simplicity in mind. You don’t have to worry about changing your timeline’s look or feel.

You can change the colors and fonts of your timeline to match your company branding. You can add your logo to make your timeline look professional and polished. It will allow you to create dependencies and set dates that are updated dynamically when events occur, connect items so they are directly reflected in the calendar, as well as establish start times and milestones for any timelines you create, no matter how long or brief. You can also set visual cues such as completion bars and their percentages to help your team better assess the project’s progress.

Preceden allows you to choose others to share your timeline. The link is visible only to the people you wish to see it. You can also share from Preceden’s website (in presentation mode) without leaving the administrator’s website.

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Why use Preceden?

The Timeline and Roadmap Maker is an excellent tool for creating basic project plans. With Gantt charts and milestones, you can plan your projects. Timeline Maker allows you to view and modify your project timelines quickly. This tool is great for creating professional-looking project plans that are ready to be used to pitch new projects to high-ups. Timeline Maker can be used to create a project planning and bring everyone together, regardless of whether you are working in person or digitally.

Preceden is the Best

Preceden is a great platform for marketers, project managers, and consultants who need to create and manage presentations.

Preceden Lifetime Deal

Preceden lifetime access

View all uses:

  • Management of projects
  • Education
  • Cases involving the law
  • Research
  • Writer

Preceden pricing plan

Preceden has three simple plans to suit your needs.

1.  free Plans

  • One timeline
  • One user
  • Unlimitless events are available on the public timeline

2. Professional $12/monthly – includes more features, flexibility, and priority customer support.

  • Five timelines
  • One user
  • Unlimitless events available on public timelines
  • Unlimited events can be arranged on your private timeline
  • Remove Preceden branding
  • Spreadsheet import

3. Business $20/monthly- This plan is the most premium and includes more customization options.

  • Five timelines
  • One user
  • Unlimitless events available on public timelines
  • Unlimited events can be arranged on your private timeline
  • Remove Preceden branding
  • Spreadsheet import
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Dependencies
  • Logo design

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Preceden Lifetime deal on Appsumo $59

Preceden is a software tool that allows you to quickly create and share timeline-based presentations. This makes it easy for you and your teams to stay aligned and keeps your clients informed.

Preceden Lifetime Deal

Preceden lifetime access

Get a Preceden lifetime deal on Appsumo one-time purchase of $59 $360

  • Lifetime access to Preceden
  • Unlimitless sliders
  • Add-on for custom CSS
  • Slider templates (Slider themes add-on).
  • Image protection (Protection addon)
  • Schedule slides (Schedule addon)
  • Add-on for Instagram
  • Add-on Pinterest
  • Carousel add-on
  • Add-on Lightbox
  • Add-on for Featured Content
  • WooCommerce addon
  • Add-on PDF Slider
  • Add-on Dynamic Sliders
  • Thumbnail Navigation add on
  • Add-on defaults

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Final thought

We hope that you enjoyed this article about Preceden. This knowledge will help you create professional-looking project schedules that can be used to assist you and your team in managing your projects. What are you waiting to do? Get Preceden lifetime deal access.


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