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Plerdy appsumo lifetime deal

Plerdy is a multifunctional tool that cannot be beaten. In addition, it provides session recording, heatmaps clicking tracking, and other features to help you comprehend the way visitors interact with your website.

This information can then be utilized to optimize the website design and user experience. Furthermore, Plerdy offers lifetime deals to ensure you make the most of the investment.

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What is Plerdy?

Plerdy Lifetime Access

Plerdy is a program that’s multifunctional that allows you to use session recording and heatmaps and clicking tracking, and more to monitor user behavior and improve site design.

Heatmaps offer a visual representation of the places where users click on your website and allow you to determine which parts of your site are the most well-known. Sessions record all users’ activities on a webpage, which allows you to be aware of what they’re doing while they are.

Let’s take a review of some of the characteristics:– 

Plerdy is a feature of

Plerdy is the perfect tool to understand the user behavior on your site and enhance the layout. With its Heatmaps feature, Session Recording, and Click Tracking features, Plerdy can help you understand what the users click on and how long they’re spending on your website.

Plerdy lifetime deal

Plerdy Lifetime Access

Plerdy has huge options to provide context information

The Heatmap The use of heatmaps is by marketers, UX experts, and SEO experts frequently use to examine user behavior on websites. A variety of heatmap platforms, including Plerdy provide a trial for free and a risk-free trial that you can try their service without risk.

SEO checker: An online tool called Plerdy SEO Checker aids SEO experts and marketers remain at the top of their search engine traffic.

Users can include a tracking code to websites, and after it is added, there are no further actions required. When using SEO Checker, search traffic data will be automatically gathered to analyze.

Session replays the recording of sessions (session recording) tool is a Plerdy feature that allows web owners and web marketers to track the way mobile and desktop users behave on a website.

You will discover the ways they move through the web, replay the moves that they take, as well as take note of each step of the process.

From a technical point of view From a technical perspective, session recordings are replays of mouse clicks and scrolls, clicks, and taps made while browsing.

It’s like viewing your site in the eye of prospective customers to gauge the quality of your site and its user-friendliness. Analyzing video replays can help enhance the user experience.

Events Tracking Tool Event tracking is among the tools developed by Plerdy to record user interactions with certain elements of websites.

Plerdy Lifetime Access

You can set events to record user interaction using forms, images, videos buttons, scroll bars, Ajax content, and other elements of a web page.

In contrast to other analytics software that monitors user activity in a pagina-by-page manner, Plerdy’s event-tracking software lets you monitor user interactions across the entire site.

Conversion Funnel Analysis Utilize funnel analytics to pinpoint exactly the points where users fall off the conversion funnel. Utilizing a funnel tool for websites, you can quickly visualize the online activity.

Plerdy tracks each user’s actions on your site and lets you see the actions as a marketing funnel. It shows the real-time step-by-step selling process.

Get Plerdy Appsumo lifetime deal 

Pricing and plans for Plerdy (All together)

Spend less time and money using Plerdy instead of hiring a designer-developer.

Find every tool you require to enhance the design of your website and boost the number of conversions.

Plerdy offer 4 plans with price below

Free, Start, Business, Premium

Free Plan –

  • Pageviews per day – 2 000
  • Reports on Heatmaps – 3 views per day
  • Video sessions 100
  • Forms to display and NPS 1
  • Leads collected 50
  • Clicks on banners 100
  • SEO audit, pages per day – 10
  • API Google Search Console – 10/pages
  • Months of storage

Plerdy Lifetime Access

Start Plan $23 (Monthly)

  • Pageviews per day – 10 000
  • Reports on Heatmaps Unlimited
  • Video sessions 1 000
  • Forms and forms display. NPS 3
  • Leads collected 500
  • Clicks on banners 1 000
  • SEO audit, pages per day – 2 000
  • API Google Search Console – 2 000/pages
  • Months of storage 3

Business Plan $47 (Monthly)

  • Pageviews per day – 25 000
  • Heatmaps reports – Unlimited
  • Video sessions- – 2 000
  • Forms to display and the NPS-5
  • Leads to collect 2 000 leads
  • Clicks on banners Unlimited
  • SEO audit, pages per day – 5 000
  • API Google Search Console – 5 000/pages
  • Months of storage up to 6
Plerdy Lifetime Access

Premium Plan $79 (Monthly)

  • Pageviews per day – 50 000
  • Heatmaps reports – Unlimited
  • Video sessions- 4000
  • Forms to display and the NPS-10
  • Leads collection – Unlimited
  • Clicks on banners Unlimited
  • SEO audit, pages per day – 10 000
  • API Google Search Console – 10 000/pages
  • Months of storage 6

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Plerdy lifetime deal on – appsumo

Plerdy is a multifunctional tool that includes sessions, heatmaps, and heatmaps, as well as click tracking and much more to study user behavior and enhance the design of websites.

appsumo lifetime deal

Get the lifetime deal from Plerdy on Appsumo For $59

One Time Purchase of $59.00 $2124.00

Plerdy Lifetime Access

  • Access for life to Plerdy
  • All of the above features are included.
  • 3 websites
  • 25,000 page views per day (total)
  • (total) 1,000 videos (total)
  • 5,000 SEO site audits, pages per day
  • The Google Search Console can deliver 5,000 pages per month. Search Console every month

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Plerdy Lifetime Access

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Last thought

Plerdy is an incredible tool that can be used to improve the design of your website and user behavior. It can provide sessions recording, heatmaps, clicking tracking, and many more, each of which is crucial for understanding the behavior of users. If you’re looking to enhance the performance or design of your website, I strongly recommend giving Plerdy a chance!

Plerdy Lifetime Access

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