Pensil Appsumo lifetime deal [$79] – Unlock the power of communities

Pensil Appsumo lifetime deal

If you’re searching for an easy-to-use system for running or managing communities online, classes that use cohorts, and forums for discussion, Pensil is worth a glance. Pensil is an integrated platform that allows you to integrate features such as online social networking integrations, interactive quizzes, and surveys. The team at Pensil is helpful and responsive and is always striving to improve the functionality of the platform.

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What is Pensil?

Pensil Lifetime Access

Pensil provides an integrated, integrable, and user-friendly platform to manage online communities and security groups that are only accessible to verified members.

As soon as you sign-up from the moment you sign up, you’ll be taking part in secure conversations with your coworkers, friends, or family through your profile feed and the posts section.

It is also possible to use Pensil’s tools to manage group management, which allows for classified content sharing and gives you complete control over accounts of users.

Pensil is a user-friendly platform that lets you effortlessly move between various subjects and discussions within each one simultaneously. This means it’s simple for you to browse through the 100’s of messages posted on the platform and many threads for each message without disturbing or confusing your focus.

Pensil is a fantastic method to connect with your online friends!

You can live stream your show in one simple step and then record your best performances to let your followers hear for more later!

Pensil Lifetime Access

Pensil Enhance the user experience of your app by making your app mobile and giving it access to two of the most popular OS: Android and iOS.

Pensil features

Pensil gives you the perfect platform to work with the Pensil Community. You can join an online group where those who are procrastinators can collaborate with real individuals and make new acquaintances.

Pensil appsumo lifetime deal

Pensil Lifetime Access

Group creation

Members can form groups within the community in order to interact with each other on a specific subject.

  • Public Groups
  • Private Groups
  • Paid Groups

focussed discussions

In today’s crowded and competitive world, it is essential to ensure that your communication is timely and clear but not too rigid or loose. It’s essential to understand what the ideal method of communication is for your customers, whether it’s a one-on-1 discussion or multiple group discussions that are followed by group chats where everyone is talking at the same time and then on.

  • Comments
  • Attachments
  • React to Emoji
Pensil Lifetime Access

Create audio rooms

Pensil appsumo lifetime deal

Pensil Lifetime Access

Many people are trying to meet new friends and make acquaintances on the Internet. They may not have ever had the pleasure of meeting people with the same interests, but they can instantly connect through online friendships “online” world of the Internet.

  • Go Live
  • Recording Live Session
  • Host Webinar

Build web-based products

The tools that are no-code allow you to design a broad array of projects without knowing the basics of programming.

Pensil community is accessible to non-coders which we’ve discovered to be a great opportunity to get started! Join today!

Pensil Lifetime Access

Pensil It allows you to accomplish a lot in the way of a computer, and we’ll look at the three main ways to use it. The three ways are as follows:

Run cohort

With Pensil you can conduct cohort-based classes directly for your students. Pensil is the perfect tool for builders, influencers, makers, experts, creators, and others.

Host Live with recording Live sessions can be hosted from platforms or by using Zoom, Google meets, etc., and screen sharing.

Automate onboarding process: Personalize the onboarding process to suit your would like, from welcoming messages to welcome emails for new users.

Design course Classes that are live, recordings of sessions, and homework assignments that are assured feedback from the instructor are all accessible to you to support you through this phase of growth.

A community that can increase engagement: Establish an environment that can increase the accountability, retention, and the success rate

Pensil Lifetime Access

Host community

Pensil. It is the form of an online service that offers white-label technologies to anyone looking to create a community to promote their business.

The product aids in building an ever-growing audience. It helps fans and customers help one another while also converting the other customers into avid followers.

Pensil helps in this regard with its robust platform that lets users keep up-to-date with clients’ useful voice insight and easily share product updates.

You will get more services:

  • Discussions
  • QnA
  • Webinar
  • Moderation
  • Integration
  • Membership
  • Newsletter
  • Analytics
  • Custom Hosting
  • Single Sign-on
  • Custom Branding
  • iOS & Android App
Pensil Lifetime Access

Get Pensil appsumo lifetime deal.

Overview of Products

Pensil lets you create your own website in just a few clicks within a matter of minutes.

Plug-and play: Set up an online forum on your site or on your product, then incorporate it into your existing community. No Code Required.

The Open Source version of Pensil can be described as open source and flexible. You are able to always develop upon it.

Setting up payments Paying your subscribers is simple since the payments are directly transferred in your accounts.

Go Live and Recording: The process of collecting and tracking payments from subscribers is incredibly easy. Materials will be sent directly to you after payment has been received.

Secure and safe Secure and safe: Secure and safe: Pensil platform uses sophisticated algorithms to protect sensitive information and store it on servers that are highly secure.

Pensil is mobile responsive. The web app is designed to work with a mobile phone. You may decide not to download apps for mobile devices.

Android, as well as iOS Apps Pensil, is accessible in both Google Playstore as well as on the Google App Store.

Connect to other apps: Connect third-party apps that you can’t work with easily, like Zappier Memberstack, Airtable.

Pensil Lifetime Access

The best customer service Pensil support is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact them via Email, Zoom, or phone and Google Meets. You decide!

Pensil pricing and plan

Pensil offers three strategies: Start, Grow, Enterprise

Strat plan $0.00/m

Start with just the essentials.

  • 10000 Members
  • 5hr live session
  • Pensil Mobile App
  • 1GB Storage
  • 1 Moderator and 2 Admins
  • Community Support for the Community
  • Calendar and Events
  • Bulk Invite (100 users)
Pensil Lifetime Access

Grow plan $79.00/m

Enhance your community experience by using White-label solutions

  • Everything in Start Plus:
  • Complete white-label solution for white-labeling
  • Payment Gateway*
  • 3 Admin and 10 Moderators
  • 1000hr live session
  • 500GB of storage
  • Priority Email Support
  • All integrations are accessible to you.
  • Weekly Digest
  • SSO stands for Single Sign-on (SSO)

Click here to access the Enterprise plan.

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Pensil lifetime deal[$79] on – appsumo

Pensil provides everything you require to host virtual events, classes for education, and micro-schools to ensure you can expand your audience and improve your profits.

appsumo lifetime deal

Pensil Lifetime Access

Purchase Pensil lifetime deal, One-Time purchase of $79 $480.00

  • Pensil lifetime access
  • All possible Grow Plan updates
  • Unlimited members per community
  • Five admins, 10 moderators, and 10 administrators
  • 1 community
  • Storage capacity of 75GB

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Pensil Lifetime Access

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Pensil is an ideal tool to manage community online, courses online as well as discussion boards. We hope that you found this article informative and that you’ll think about making use of Pensil to manage your community’s needs online. Get Pensil lifetime access.

Pensil Lifetime Access

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