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There’s no question that conceptualizing, creating, and revising an ad is time-consuming work. But that doesn’t mean your campaign will connect with audiences. In fact, a tool that helps you generate winning ad creatives in a snap can make all the difference. That’s where Pencil comes in. Pencil is a creative ai platform. That provides you with templates and tools to help you quickly and easily create winning ads. Get a Pencil lifetime deal.

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What is a Pencil?

Pencil is a platform that’s full of artificial intelligence to help you generate the best ad campaigns. While you can already do this on your own with a lot of time and effort, Pencil can generate your ads for you and make sure you’re following best practices in order to achieve high volume and conversions. First, choose your eCommerce ad account. Then, pick your creative asset. The pencil will automatically generate over a thousand variations of your ad, and you can pick the best one for your brand and needs.

Pencil lifetime deal


  1. Automatically generate static and video creatives for your existing branding and assets.
  2. Using advertising history, your enterprise can anticipate which ads will bring in the most return.
  3. Alternative to: Canva
  4. You might wonder what the best way to get more sales with display advertising is. Should you use animated GIFs and video ads? How can you stand out from the crowd? The answer might surprise you, but it’s all about being a hungry wolf that attacks the audience on all sides!

Pencil overview

Pencil is a creative artificial intelligence platform that lets you generate successful eCommerce ads from pre-existing branding assets. The creator of Pencil, a company called Brainlabs, saw firsthand how much time marketers were wasting creating content to promote their products. One can start using Pencil with just the push of a button, inserting their client’s logos and colors into the template they’ve picked to create the ad image. And instead of spending days or even weeks putting together an ad campaign, you have one in just seconds!

You’ll be able to create personalized ads based on your own unique business. Using the Pencil interface, you can determine the objective of your campaign, the target metrics you want to achieve, what they want, and how to go about getting it. You’ll also get suggested assets from Pencil that will help guide you and provide inspiration as you’re creating ads for your organization’s campaign. In addition, Pencil offers static images and video templates that Pencil has perfected over time that you can easily edit to match your brand or project. The best part? The pencil gives you all this in less than 3 minutes!

Every day is different. As the company grows, it’s important to remember the core aspects of your brand that brought you there. Pencil allows you to customize your ads in real-time from a user-friendly dashboard and make any changes you want in minutes, saving countless hours and headaches on the back-end. Imagine customizing your ad for each individual visitor instead of simply changing your messaging every couple of weeks. With Pencil, you can do that. We provide a variety of A|B testing tools at laser speed; products that are updated daily, and product images that update hourly, so you never have to imagine what your target audience is seeing – they’ll always be front of mind.

Pencil lifetime deal

Edit static and video ads until they’re perfect from Pencil’s intuitive dashboard. You can even connect to your ad account directly through the app to generate ad creatives predicted to perform well based on your data.

How does AI generate ad creativity?

Just type in your branding information, then give Pencil a topic and it will write a blog post for you, edit an existing video and even create several finished ad ideas!

Get new ad creatives to test

Don’t burn and spend days or weeks on overworked human creators. Let Pencil write, copy, edit video, and apply best-practice templates and animation for you.

How to work Pencil?

To develop an AI ad idea, follow the five steps below.

1. Connect your ad account

If you have a Pencil account, a single click on the button in the top left corner connects your controller’s account with your advertising and marketing account. You can learn about campaigns, train a predictive model to examine data, and export ads directly to your ad accounts from this solution.

2. Confirm your branding

Tell Pencil what your company does and the identifying characteristics of its target market. Then upload company logos, font and color palette files, and optional music, graphics, and button styles.

3. Upload your image and video

Upload your library of video, images, and other assets. Pencil accepts packshot images, lifestyle images, and even full-length, documentary-style brand/product film that features professional, polished narration by an on-camera talent (up to 10 minutes in length each).

4. Choose your outcome, topic, and offer

If you feel your Facebook Ads aren’t reaching enough of your target audience, try focusing on the specific topic of your advertisements. Additionally, think about including some text in your ad that will arouse the curiosity of your possible buyers.

5. Choose your product and generate a batch of ads.

Tell Pencil what product or service you want to advertise and which type of advertisement (static image, video), and which associated assets to use for the ad. Then click “generate.” Your ads will be ready in no time!

Pencil pricing plans and Features

Pencil lifetime deal

The pencil has three pricing plans: Do it myself, Do it for me, and Enterprise.

Do it myself $250/month.

Export 50 ads per month for $5. Insights & predictions are included with this service. The workspace allows for the generation of unlimited ads. Assistance with onboarding is available through email and video support.

Do it for me $750/month.

You receive a Slack message with four ad ideas for your website. You can choose to use any or all of them. The Creative Assistant creates a brief for you each week based on the website data and your specifications. They will send the brief and the ad ideas to you 24 hours in advance.

Custom plans 

The Pencil offers a range of services to clients, including a Do It For Me plan and Unlimited brand workspaces. Clients can also brief at a time, export projects, have access to templates imported from After Effects, and receive custom ad creative and performance services. The company also has a dedicated account manager who can help procure the necessary resources for a project.

Click here for a custom pricing plan or Pencil lifetime deal.

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With Pencil, you don’t need to spend hours doing research and testing ads before they go live. You’ll generate ads swiftly and intelligently with the help of a data-driven tool that also offers assistance in achieving dynamic and video ads through collaboration with your social media team.

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  • Lifetime access to Pencil
  • All future Grow Plan updates
  • AI copy and narratives
  • Generate unlimited AI ads
  • Brand kits: upload your logo, and set fonts and colors
  • Automated video edits
  • Download and use anywhere
  • Direct integration with Facebook
  • Export 10 total ads per month
  • One brand workspace
  • Insights and predictions

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Final verdict 

The pencil is a great platform for creating successful eCommerce ads. It’s easy to use, and you can create ads quickly and easily with its drag-and-drop interface. Plus, it has all the data you need to create ads that will resonate with your target audience. So if you’re looking to take your business to the next level, give Pencil a try!

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