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Are you a great story to tell but have no idea how to transform the story into an audio podcast? You’re in luck because today, we’ll look at a wonderful tool that can assist you in making your own podcast with only one click of the button. This tool is known as Listnr. Fm! Find out everything you can about the features of.

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What exactly is Listnr. fm? Lifetime Access

What if you were able to record excellent-sounding audiobooks, podcasts, or podcasts and even transpose interviews or talks, and then publish them on the web in only 3 clicks?

This is what provides. It’s a comprehensive tool for content creation that allows you to record, modify, publish, distribute and make money from high-quality podcasts and audiobooks in a matter of minutes.

In the interface, visitors can type in their subject, choose an episode’s title and upload the material and then sit back and wait until it is transcribed.

When the transcriptions are finished After that, they can modify the text and then republish the contents to their blog, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

In the front end, allows users to create a podcast empire with the management of their feeds, monitoring downloads, making buzz, and gaining subscribers through the integration of social networks.

Get lifetime deal on appsumo

Listnr features

Making a podcast available on your phone is straightforward with just two clicks, and you’re all set to start recording an episode.

You can download the audio podcasts as well as videos that you’ve made or recorded directly on your blog. Select on the “Recordings” button next to each podcast episode you’d like to play or listen to it for the second time! lets you track your statistics at the press of the button. This will allow you to track the extent to which your music gets spread and shared on the web and social media, such as Facebook Retweets and Likes as an example or when you share your link in their blogs or Youtube. appsumo lifetime deal Lifetime Access

Create a podcast page on which you can showcase all your podcasts in a well-organized and easy-to-read method!

High-quality audio and video recordings allows media companies and podcasters to create high-quality 4k video content. This results in 4K video content as well as WAV audio. was developed to help producers and publishers create the most high-quality content they can. It is easy and user-friendly, so everyone can benefit from it. differs from other recording platforms since it utilizes modern technology to enhance the quality of recordings. They also provide customer service that is available 24 hours a day.

Make a podcast with Listnr in three easy steps.

  1. Create your podcasting equipment: Make sure that you have the equipment you need to record. Listnr works with some of the top podcast microphones available.
  2. Invite your guests to your podcast. Just like any other video conferencing program, it is easy to forward an email to your guest and they’ll join the discussion.
  3. Start recording your podcast. You can now voiceover your podcasts, and be assured that when you’re finished, we’ll upload them to our network-designated EC Data Centers to be shared with people across the globe. Lifetime Access

Why should you purchase Listnr?

Include a variety of backdrops as well as overlays on your video to create a visual impact to attract the attention of a prospective customer or client. appsumo lifetime deal Lifetime Access

The app has everything the features you need for an enjoyable experience on one screen. So far, members of the Beta team have handed the excellent app reviews!

Hosting has now become as easy as pie. It’s safe, simple and, most important of all, it’s extremely fast.

Learn valuable information about what your customers are looking for and how they are finding them.

Earn a steady stream of revenue through making money from your podcasts

Create personalized podcasts for premium subscribers, which provide fascinating insights into the business.

Podcasting can be extremely rewarding. You can share new ideas about your industry with an audience that is interested, but they also give many insights into what they are looking for in podcasts. Lifetime Access

Through analyzing the most popular podcasts, we can discern which shows are successful and which ones don’t. One could possibly create a mini-subscription service using this information. For instance: “I will produce three podcasts per month for the following year or so you want, and I’ll change my frequency when people don’t enjoy the content.”

Pricing and plan for Listnr offers four simple plans: Alpha $19/month, Beta$49/month, Omega $15/month, and Theta $20/month.

Alpha is the first plan. Alpha $19/month

  • Unlimited Podcast Shows
  • 15,000/m Downloads/month
  • Unlimited Audio Recordings
  • 2 hours of video recording
  • 100 GB of Storage
  • Unlimited Episodes
  • 2 hours/m Transcriptions Hrs/month Lifetime Access

The second plan, Beta$49/month

  • Unlimited Podcast Shows
  • 50,000/m Downloads/month
  • Unlimited Audio Recordings
  • 5 hours/m video recording
  • 250 GB of Storage
  • Unlimited Episodes
  • 6 Hrs/m Transcriptions hrs/month

Third plan Omega $99/month

  • Unlimited Podcast Shows
  • 100,000/m Downloads/month
  • Unlimited Audio Recordings
  • 10 hours of video recording
  • 400 GB of Storage
  • Unlimited Episodes
  • 10 hours/m Transcriptions, Hrs/months

A fourth option Theta $199/month.

  • Unlimited Podcast Shows
  • 250,000 Downloads/month
  • Unlimited Audio Recordings
  • 20 hours/m video recording
  • 1TB Storage
  • Unlimited Episodes
  • 20 Hrs/m Transcriptions Hrs/month Lifetime Access

Listnr lifetime deal -Appsumo

Record, edit, and host your podcast while publishing them to popular sites such as Spotify Podcasts, Apple Podcasts as well as Google Podcasts.

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Subscribe for lifetime access to Listnr Lifetime Access

One-Time Purchase of $79.00 $360.00

  • Access for life to
  • 15,000 downloads per month
  • 100 GB of storage
  • 2 hours of transcription per month
  • Unlimited podcast shows

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Final thought is a great tool to create high-quality podcasts and audiobooks. It’s simple to use and allows you to share and sell your content swiftly and effortlessly. If you’re planning to make your own podcast or audiobook, get it today! Lifetime Access

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