Launch Jacking To Earn Affiliate Income Online in Jvzoo

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Launch Jacking To Earn Affiliate Income Online in Jvzoo

Are you interested in learning how to make money Launch Jacking To Earn Affiliate Income Online in Jvzoo?

If yes, this article is for you.

LET ME INFORM YOU OF SOMETHING before I tell you how you generate passive earnings online through JvZoo.

Earning money online isn’t an easy task. If it was that simple, everybody would be doing it.

Don’t fret because you can master the art and eventually become a six- or seven-figure affiliate marketers, like Pat Flynn, Neil Patel, and many more.

Without much effort, we’ll get to the ins and outs of how to earn money using JvZoo.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a business model in which you earn a commission in exchange for helping sell the product or service.

The commission ranges between 4% to 100%, based on the amount that the vendor or retailer is willing to pay. It’s sometimes referred to as”referral marketing.

Consider this: have you ever purchased something on the recommendation of someone else?

If the person who suggested the product or service you was paid any amount for referring you, which is affiliate marketing in action.

Merchants and vendors employ this method of marketing to increase sales of their products and services.

What Is JVZoo Marketplace?

Before we get to know about this JvZoo marketplace, I’ll be aware that the affiliate network is focused particularly on digital goods.

If you’re looking to physical market products, this article isn’t the one for you.

However, if you’re interested in advertising software products such as online courses, digital services, and many more, continue reading to find out more.

I believe there’s an explanation for that JvZoo concentrates on digital-based products.

Digital products are a lucrative business since people are searching for products that will help them understand how to perform tasks or to make life easier and easier. The demand for digital goods is immense.

Of course, the competition in this market is also roaring. If you can learn to promote these products the best way, you’ll earn a significant amount of money.

Let’s begin by taking an in-depth review of the JvZoo market.

The JvZoo Marketplace

In general, the JvZoo marketplace functions as an affiliate network as well as a product selling platform where affiliates can join, select items that they want to promote and earn commissions from affiliates.

Sellers can earn profits by allowing their products for promotion by affiliates, and affiliate marketers may make instant affiliate commissions through marketing their preferred products.

It’s a platform that provides an opportunity for both the affiliates and vendors.

As mentioned earlier, the affiliate program is focused on digital products, specifically software products.

Presently there are over 200 niches in the JvZoo marketplace is home to more than 200 niches. Some are well-known, while some are less well-known. Examples of niches that are available in the market are Finance, eCommerce, Health & Fitness, as well as other niches.

If you are looking to earn large sums of money, I’d recommend that you choose to advertise products that are in one of the niches with the most popular on the market.

I’d recommend you look up the top-selling list to determine which products are making cash.

The great feature of JvZoo has been that they provide commissions immediately to their affiliates.

Sounds great?

Let’s learn what happens on JvZoo to help affiliates.

How Does The JVZoo Affiliate Marketing Work?

As we have mentioned earlier, JvZoo is a large affiliate network that has many affiliate programs.

Its functions are like ClickBank, ShareASale, Commission Junction, and others.

Marketplaces connect buyers and sellers.

Sellers submit their goods or services to affiliates, and they (freelancers, bloggers, freelancers, internet marketers, etc.) are able to promote them and earn commissions.

The way the JvZoo affiliate operates is very easy.

In the beginning, you must create an account to become an affiliate. The registration process is free and is simple.

Once you have your registration approved, you will need to be aware of the upcoming launch of the product.

To make the most using the platforms, utilize to implement the launch Jacking strategy (much about this in the future).

It is essential to keep informed on new product launches by visiting websites such as MunchEye.

It’s important to remember that being accepted by JvZoo is one aspect, but earning money from the platform is an entirely different thing.

Before you begin promoting products, you must reach out to the creators of the products and request that they allow you to look over their products.

This is among the trickiest areas.

You must convince the creators of your product that you’ve got the ability to sell their products.

When you have the items to market, you can then select the best method of promotion.

Many affiliates prefer YouTube videos, but you could also advertise products on your site.

To maximize the benefits of this platform, you need to create a massive email list.

As mentioned earlier, it is important to know how to pick the top products that will yield the most money.

How You Get Paid By JvZoo

JvZoo provides an automated payment system that is available to both affiliates and sellers.

The commissions you earn from affiliates will be paid immediately. When a sale is completed through the products, you sell the commission is added to your account as an affiliate.

JvZoo Pays via PayPal Payments can be made via Check, PayPal Direct deposit through JvZoo Pay.

Certain conditions could be in place when it comes to the payment.

For example, the seller determines which level of approval to grant to affiliates.

In most cases, new affiliates are put on a payment delay for a period of time to establish trust and ensure that the affiliate’s commitment to advertising products of affiliates.

The delayed payment is also given to affiliates with no sales or fewer sales.

For trusted affiliates that have more sales, the payments are made immediately.

The seller may choose to refuse payments, especially in the case of affiliates who aren’t reliable.

Easy Way To Get Started With JvZoo 

Launch Jacking To Earn Affiliate Income Online in Jvzoo (1)

To begin using JvZoo, it is necessary to create an account to get started.

Simply visit and follow the simple step-by-step procedure to establish an affiliate account, as illustrated in the photo below.

You’ll be asked to enter your complete legal name along with your email address, password (ensure that you choose a secure one) and then confirm that it is correct.

Also, you will need to confirm your email address by verifying the link that was sent to your inbox.

After you’ve verified your email address, you can proceed as follows:

  • Input your W-9 form to be used for US affiliates.
  • Connect to your PayPal account with PayPal.
  • Browse products now in JvZoo’s Public Marketplace. JvZoo Public Marketplace.
  • You can also check out the Information Base content to find out the workings of the platform.

The great aspect about JvZoo is that you can contact the creators of your product and ask them to critique their product.

Here’s where you can apply to implement the launch Jacking Strategy (I’ll talk about this in a second)

What Is Launch Jacking?

A huge variety of products are released through various online marketplaces each day.

When these products go on sale, the masses visit Google and YouTube to research and find out more about them prior to making a decision to invest their money.

Launch jacking refers to where you can take advantage of the launch of new products by writing reviews for them so that you can profit from the surge of traffic.

As an affiliate, you must convince the creators of the product that you have the ability to in promoting their products, then write excellent reviews about their products before anyone else has done it.

Since the product is relatively new, it is not that insane, so your comments will attract more customers who want to know more about the product that is not yet released.

It is important to note that if the product is not yet ready to be launched and Google does not have any information about the product, there aren’t terms that describe the soon-to-launch product.

It means that consumers will search for the product’s name or enter the name using words such as ” review,” “reviews,” “buying guide,” “scam,” “bonus,” “genuine,” etc.

Also, it is important to make sure you are using these keywords when writing your content.

The benefit of using these keywords is that once your website’s content is indexable by Google, the chances of being ranked higher are very high.

It is also necessary to improve your product reviews to SEO with keywords that are low-competition to boost organic traffic, too as long as the product has been released as well. Google, Bing, and other search engines have information about it.

How Does Launch Jacking Work?

As mentioned above, the term “launch jacking” refers to the process of becoming one of the very first people to be the first to review the product before it’s made available on their market.

The way launch jacking functions is easy.

When you receive an evaluation copy of the product that is scheduled to launch, You can then look up if others have reviewed the product through YouTube as well.

If you come across other reviews about this product must write the reviews in a different way.

You can also purchase the product and try it before writing a convincing review of the product.

Is Launch Jacking Profitable?

The success of launch jacking is contingent upon how high your content is placed in the SERPs.

You are able to make use of an email address to advertise affiliate products. However, some customers prefer searching on Google.

So when your content isn’t able to be found in those top results, you’ll struggle to get high-quality traffic to the products you sell.

It is also difficult to create sales.

One of the methods I typically employ to improve Google ranking for my content (and one used by professional marketing professionals) is to take lessons from content that’s currently ranking well.

Brian Dean of Backlinko has published a great guide to Google ranking factors you can refer to understand the best way to position your web pages more effectively.

Important Tools for the Trade

To successfully carry out this task, you’ll need certain tools you’ll need.

Don’t fret since the majority of these tools are either free, or you already have.

You only have to modify what’s available to you to be used in this particular business. This includes the following tools:

1. Internet connection It is one of the tools needed.

This is because it is a business that can only be conducted on the internet. So, you will require an internet connection to start your business.

2. Computer: Although some self-proclaimed internet marketing gurus might have influenced you to believe that you don’t require computers or laptops for running an online business, that is successful by claiming that your smartphone is sufficient.

They do this most of the time in order to promote their programs and courses.

The reality is that you’ll need either a laptop or computer to create a highly profitable internet-based business if truly serious about earning money online.

3. Jvzoo Account Jvzoo can be described as an affiliate marketplace that is primarily used for the launch of the software. All you have to do is go to to open an account. You can then create a profile on your account with bank details so that you are in a position to get your money after earning a commission.

4. WarriorPlus Account: This is an affiliate marketplace, similar to Jvzoo; however, it is primarily for information and digital products. Go to to get your account.

5. Muncheye: Muncheye is an affiliate marketing calendar for product launches.

It’s as simple as that. Muncheye can be described as an online calendar that lists upcoming launches of products.

We’ll be paying more focus as we’ll be on the site to see new product launches coming up to advertise.

There is no need to sign up for an account to access Muncheye It’s. All you need to do is to go to the site and search for products to market.

6. YouTube Account: Because we’ll be creating videos and rating these on YouTube and Google, we’ll definitely require an account on YouTube account for this method.


If you have a Gmail account or a YouTube account, you already have a YouTube account too.

Visit after you have logged in to Gmail. Then click on the channel icon to create your account.

7. A blog It is among the most crucial tools in this kind of business.

You’ll require a blog on which you’re going to write reviews on products.

Check out this article for the complete guideline for starting your own blog for beginners.

8. OBS Studio: This is an open-source screen capture program.

OBS is an acronym for Open Broadcasting Studio, and it can be used to record YouTube videos.

With OBS, it is possible to record both the display of your laptop or laptop and also your webcam.

OBS is free to use and easy to set up. Just watch this video, to see a complete guide on how to set up OBS.

If you prefer, look for YouTube to search for “OBS setup tutorial” to find a variety of videos that will show you how to set up OBS. To get OBS, visit

9. Shotcut: It is an open-source program, but it is mostly used to edit videos. It’s free and simple to learn.

Search to find Shotcut via Google and then install the most recent version on your system.

Additionally, visit YouTube in search of “Shotcut tutorial” so as to find videos on the steps to set up and utilize Shotcut.

To purchase Shotcut to get Shotcut, go to

10. Canva: Canva is a free web-based graphic editor that is available for use.

We’ll be using Canva most of the time to create our YouTube channel’s artwork including thumbnails, a bonus graphics.

A professional-looking thumbnail is required to distinguish us from the rest of the pack.

To learn more about canva, go to

11. Phone: I am sure you are perplexed about the reason we have this in the list:

After saying that, the experts are employing it as a marketing trick to scam you.

We simply need to call and make a short affiliate approval video, which we’ll send to the vendors of products in order to receive a speedy affiliate approval.

12. VidIQ It is a no-cost chrome extension that is available in the Chrome web store.

You can also locate it via a Google search for it.

The function of this plugin is to show both the channel and video tags of any given channel or video.

Launch Jacking – Step-By-Step Guide

After knowing the concept of launch jacking and how it operates, we can now start step by step.

Step 1: Create An Account On JvZoo

To begin launch jacking, it is necessary to establish an affiliate account with JvZoo.

I’ve outlined the steps in the above article; however, you can go to and sign up for an account that is free.

Step 2: Finding Product Launches

The search for new products is an essential step.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to locate products that have a high potential and are in high demand.

You can pick any item based on the niche you want to target.

As a novice affiliate, I’d advise you to opt for products with greater commission rates and subscription-based items.

After doing my homework, I came across programs and software to be the top products to look at when you’re starting out with JvZoo.

These products are more likely to earn affiliate commissions.

Step 3: Applying To Get Approved and Ask For A Review Copy

If you’re looking to apply to be approved and request a critique copy, I would suggest employing MunchEye to implement your launch jacking plan. This calendar for marketing launches on the internet will help you identify new product launches that are coming up prior to their release for sale.

Here, you’ll find many recently released and planned product launches on various affiliate platforms, including ClickBank, JvZoo, and other affiliate platforms.

I’d suggest you concentrate on launches of products that are scheduled to take place between 7 and 10 days from the moment you start looking for products to market.

If you click on the product you want to purchase on MunchEye You will be taken to the official site where you can find out how it’s priced and the commission you earn and the JV page, among other things.

If you click on an affiliate link, you’ll be directed by JvZoo, ClickBank, and other affiliate networks.

After you have received the review copy, You can then request the affiliate link and begin to promote the product immediately.

If you aren’t able to get an opportunity to review the product and you’re committed to the product, don’t fret. You can buy the item and try it out before writing reviews about the product. A majority of products offer the option of a money-back assurance.

There are tons of options to pick from. You can also move to a different product in the event that you don’t obtain a review copy of the one you want to encourage.

Be aware that it’s often more difficult to be approved when you’re new and haven’t made sales on JvZoo.

But it’s a possibility.

Be sure to leave a positive note for the seller whenever you request to market their product. The note you leave should describe what you will do to market the product.

Throughout the entire process, make sure you build confidence with the vendor, so they are willing to accept your request.

If your request is accepted and you’ve received your affiliate link, it’s now time to do the actual work: Making content about your affiliate’s product.

Step 4: Creating & Uploading Content

If you’ve done some background checks to determine whether or not the item is authentic and can earn you money (through visiting the site of the product or by purchasing it and testing it), You can then begin to create content around the product.

You should also target particular keywords in your review content to improve the chances of being ranked higher in search engines, which will increase the popularity of your product reviews.

If you’re looking to earn an income that is passive, then you must have a website. In this article, I’m going to assume you’re selling your affiliate product through the review website.


Create A Website For Affiliate Marketing

Purchase domain hosting

First, you’ll need to purchase domain hosting. I would suggest you go with one of these top domain registrars in order to purchase as well as host the name of your domain.

You may choose your preferred registrar as there are plenty of them available.

Try a smaller domain name that is simple to say, easy to remember, and spell. I would also recommend domain names that include .com.


Install WordPress

The majority of domain registrars mentioned above provide the option of a single-click WordPress installation.

Complete your site

Install a quality review theme, then customize your site, design every important page like About Reviews, Reviews, Disclaimer, etc., and launch your website.

Review content and write and then publish

When your website is up and running, begin writing reviews about the affiliate products you chose.

Be sure to submit your website for inclusion in the Google Search Console and ensure you are targeting key terms.

Step 5: Promoting (For Early Engagement)

The creation of content to promote the affiliate products you sell is one thing, but letting people be aware that your content is available there is a difference.

Ideally, you’ll want to make sure to promote your content from the moment you publish it in order to get it noticed early and better Google rankings before other users start to promote it.

There are a lot of methods for you to get free publicity for your content. And if you have money to spend, then you can pay for methods.

Let’s examine the two methods to promote your content.

Selecting the Perfect Offer

The reason we can earn money through this strategy is based on knowing that you must select the best deal to promote.

To pick the most appropriate offer, it is necessary to go over to muncheye and search for the best product to advertise.

We at muncheye need to choose the right launch from a reputable supplier. 

To determine the name of a trusted vendor, it is necessary to visit WarriorPlus and select the Affiliate tab.

You will find items that have already been launched, as well as the name of the vendor who has launched the product under the name of the product.

Go through the list, and write down which vendors’ names that you can find.

Go to muncheye, then search for the name of a vendor, which you will find on WarriorPlus.

These vendors are referred to as established companies, and they carry out product launches every now and then.

In addition, Be sure to ensure that the product you wish to advertise is at least a week prior to the date and possibly two weeks ahead.

This will allow you to have more time to plan for the launch and to request your affiliate’s approval.

Once you have selected the product or promotion you would like to make, the next thing you need to do is click on the name of the product on muncheye to go to the page with the list of products.

On the JV page, you’ll find complete information about the product, including the product’s description along with the sequence of funnels, as well as a demonstration video, if the product is software, the dates and times, as well as the name of the vendor (usually located at the lower-left at the bottom of the page).

How to Request For Affiliate Approval

You must seek approval before being allowed to market any product.

To do this, on the JV website, you’ll need to click on the WarriorPlus link to gain an affiliate’s endorsement. (We’ll follow the Jvzoo link in the event that the offer is featured there). Jvzoo).

Clicking this WarriorPlus link will take us to a page that contains information about the specific product available on WarriorPlus.

On this web page, hit the “Request Approval” or “Request Approval” button link for approval to market this product by the manufacturer.

A message box in which we can contact the vendor to inform him who we want to advertise his product.

Instead of creating a message in this box, instead what we’ll do is make use of our smartphone to record the message in a video.

You’ll need to take your smartphone to record a brief video of you telling the seller about your desire to promote his product and the way you’ll advertise it.

For instance, the words you use in your video program could be like this:

Hi [vendor’s name],

Your name is (your email address am [your name]. I’m reaching out to you to let you know that I am interested in expressing my desire to promote your product. Mention what the brand is] which will launch on [name the date of launch ].

I recently completed a course on affiliate marketing with the launch jacking technique and would like the chance to apply the lessons I’ve learned.

I will promote the project on YouTube as well as in my personal blog.

I will not deliver you any unwanted traffic, as my strategy for promotion will be by launching the video on YouTube and also re-ranking my blog for reviews on products.

I’m ok being put on an extended commission.

I’d be extremely thankful if this request is accepted, and I wish you the launch to be successful.

Thank you for your anticipatory response and acceptance.


Then, you post the uploaded video on your YouTube channel in the form of an unlisted one.

Then, you can grab the link to the video and email it to the seller when you apply for an affiliate link.

When you apply for permission to promote the product by the manufacturer, You will be presented with a webpage that looks like this:

After you have left the box that appears above, you will be taken to a web page that appears like this:

Once you’ve requested an Affiliate link, you’ll be required to connect with the vendor via social media (you will find their contact information in the JV section for this product).

Simply inform them that they would like to promote their product.

You can share the URL of the video that you recorded on your smartphone to them on social media.

You should contact the seller in order to have your link accepted.

The majority of these companies are busy launching their new products, and certain vendors may not be able to approve you if you’re an affiliate who is new.

You must follow by providing more reasons as to that they should approve your request.

Another hack from the Ninja that is extremely effective is to inform the seller that you’d like to purchase the product to be considered to be an affiliate.

You don’t have to worry. The majority of these products are priced at no more than $20.

If you’re able to afford it, you can ask to pay for the product in advance since this will show the seller that you’re committed to promoting his product.

Another thing you should know is that you’re required to send more affiliate requests for various items to increase your chances of getting approval for, at the very least, a product.

My suggestion is to make up to 10 (10) requests and do a follow-up on each of them.

This can increase the chances of having your request accepted.

If the vendor has authorized you to promote their product, the above page should be similar to the page below but with your personalized affiliate link.


Free Content Promotion Methods

How can you advertise content via Facebook?

Facebook is the most popular social media site with 2.60 billion users around the world.

But, you must be aware of how you can get the most of this platform to receive early participation for your affiliate-related content.

For you to use Facebook to advertise your blog’s content efficiently, Use captivating headlines, use eye-catching images in your posts and make irresistible copies of your posts.

Be sure to choose the right audience to ensure more engagement.

How can you increase the visibility of your posts on Instagram?

Instagram is the second most popular social media platform, with statistics here for users around the world. However, to get the most value from it, you must understand how to promote your content correctly.

The best method to create the most engagement for your content on Instagram is to make use of Instagram stories, join other bloggers who are affiliates and create amazing images as well as videos. Also, invite others to post your content.

How do you increase the visibility of your blog’s video content on YouTube?

YouTube is another popular platform for free with 2 billion monthly active users.

In this case, you must create videos about your topic Then. You need to add engaging video descriptions and hyperlinks to your content.

You can also engage with your customers by responding to their feedback.

How can you advertise your review on Quora?

The final but not the least method for advertising your content is through making use of Quora.

It is possible to use this website to answer questions and drive traffic to your website by building a solid profile and then searching for relevant questions related to your industry, and then offering excellent solutions to these questions, including the link to your website.

Paid Content Promotion Methods

This is the time to invest money in improving your content through Facebook ads or by using the services of email providers.

Below, I’ll discuss some of the paid methods I’ve used briefly.

Email marketing

Marketing via email is one of the most effective and cost-effective ways to promote your content. However, you must know how to use it.

The first step is to get emails from your blog by using forms for opting-in. I’m assuming that you’re using your preferred email provider since there is a variety of them (GetResponse, Aweber, MailChimp, ConstantContact, etc. ).

Marketing via email is such an enormous topic I’m unable to discuss everything in this article. However, you can check out this article for more information.

PPC Campaign

You can also market the content that you have published by starting a PPC campaign that requires you to create compelling PPC ads that include an easy call to action so that readers understand what they should do following the advertisements.

It is also important to include your targeted keywords in your content and concentrate on creating a community around your article.

Retargeting and display

You could also advertise your affiliate products by using display or retargeting strategies. This is where you target visitors who are interested in the products that you sell by placing cookies on your site so that when they visit your site, you be aware of how to reach them.

How To Paid Marketing For Launch Jacking

Another method of bringing visitors to your review site is to use paid advertisements for launch hacking. This means that you’re limited to making use of YouTube advertisements, Google ads, and Bing ads.

This technique is similar to how you target site visitors using specific keywords.

Generally speaking, your ads have keywords in them that, when users browse on Google, YouTube, or Bing and your advertisements are displayed.

Paid ads can increase the number of reviews for your product addition.

Just How Much Cash Can You Make From Release Jacking?

Launch jacking is an easy method to earn money using JvZoo, but the revenue you make through organic visitors is much more than what you could earn with this method.

Also, launch jacking isn’t a great option because it doesn’t offer an enormous amount of money-making potential, as you would get from organic traffic.

However, if you’re hoping to make quick affiliate commissions, it’s the ideal option for your affiliate company.

Will You Always Rank?

How you get a spot or not in the launch jacking is contingent on the level of competition.

For example, if you are product launches in bids with numerous competitors who have been around for a longer time, it could be hard to classify.

As you keep launch jacking, it increases your chances of getting ranked. If you are ranked on a couple of launches, you participate in increases the chance of earning affiliate commissions.

To be competitive with launch jacking, you must have an effective strategy.

Tips For Launch Jacking

Below are some helpful suggestions to assist you in your launch jacking strategies.

Make your visitors bribe you with certain bonuses.

You can make some rewards in conjunction with affiliate products that can be used to entice your clients to maximize your earning potential.

Be aware that not all companies will offer rewards to their subscribers to their emails or review readers.

You can make bonuses such as mini-courses, eBooks, etc. Give your readers free copies of your customers.

Check out what the competitors are doing.

…and be more than they do.

There is a good chance that someone is already writing reviews for the item you’ve selected.

You can see what they are doing and Then improve it by providing bonuses and better headlines that draw more people to read your reviews.

Do as many launches as many times as you can.

As we have said, It might be difficult to rank your first launches, but as you keep with major launches, you will increase your chances of being ranked.

Therefore, make sure to launch consistently, and on the way, you’ll begin to earn money from launch hacking.

Final Thoughts

Launch jacking is an ideal opportunity to earn online through JvZoo.

To get maximum value from the market, you must locate products that are profitable and have high demand.

Also, you must be sure that the products you purchase are authentic and of high quality. Do not be afraid to spy on your rivals as well.


Affiliate marketing is definitely one of the best ways to earn money online, but only if you do it correctly.

Here are a few commonly asked questions on how to earn money from JvZoo by using launch Jacking.

What Is The Best Affiliate Network?

There are numerous affiliate programs out that are available, but having tried JvZoo, I would suggest it to any affiliate, whether they are novice or veteran.

ClickBank, ShareASale, Commission Junction are also excellent affiliate networks too.

How Can You Increase Your Positions With Launch Jacking?

Because of how effective the launch jacking can be, it seems that almost everybody is doing it. Your competition could be riding the bandwagon.

How do you rate your position?

You can boost your ranking by giving incentives, focusing on your competitors and following their strategies better, or launching multiple times.

How Do I Join The JvZoo Affiliate?

To become a JvZoo user To join JvZoo, you must sign up for an account that is free and select the products you wish to promote, and then begin creating content around these products.




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