How to create a Fiverr Account step by step guide

How to create a Fiverr Account step-by-step guide. 

First, I will give you some help. Remember, you will need technical skills to start with. It is not a simple sign-up process. I have highlighted crucial steps with Pro Tips throughout this enlightening report. These tips that will improve your selling capabilities and entice potential prospects to contact you will guarantee your success as a seller.

Step. 01 

You Go to the

In the upper right-hand corner, click “Join”

A pop-up window will pop up with a prompt to input your email address.

Input your email address and click here “Continue.”

Click on Join 

Pro Tip: Enter your actual and working email address; otherwise, there will be problems during financial transfer withdrawal time.

Step no. 02 

Another popup appears wherein you will have to enter your username and password access information.

Enter your real username. 

Pro Tip: The username should include your name because it is easy for your client to address you before you make contact.

Step no. 03 

You receive an e-mail from Fiverr telling you to verify your email address. Click the link.

Click on the “Activated Your Account.” 

You’ll receive an email after you’ve successfully activated your account on Fiverr. Make sure the information is correct in this part of the process because this is when you’re able to edit your Fiverr information.

Step no. 04 

It’s time for you to review your profile.

Click on the top right corner of the screen, and click on the circular icon indicating the very first letter of your name, which will take you to your profile page.

Click on your profile. 

How to create a Fiverr Account step by step guide

Here you should upload a photo of yourself and a short description of what you do.

Step no. 05 

Click the Upload Your Professional Picture button to submit your photo.

Pro Tip: Pro Tip Rename your profile picture before uploading, then upload it under the name you chose. 

In my opinion, you will rename your photo with “your name-Graphic designer.jpg” 

This is an Image for perfect Off-page SEO

A minimum of 250 pixels is allowed for the minimum size of your Fiverr profile picture.

How to create a Fiverr Account step by step guide Click here 

Step no. 06

After that, click the button to place the pencil on the right side of your record and write one line about yourself. This line will be seen by your customers when they’re scheduling your merchandise. This line should add to the value of your services.

Suppose you own a store. Which one among your products would a customer like to see the most?

Step no. 07 

After that, click on the profile picture in the top right corner and go to the settings page. 

Enter Your Full Real Name. And click on save changes. 

Pro Tip: don’t change the online status at this point. 

Step no. 08 

How to create a Fiverr Account step by step guide

After that, go to the security tab on the right side. 

You have to verify the phone number. 

Click on verify Now. 

Select your country and enter your real phone number. 

Select the verification method either by SMS or by phone. 

Step no. 09 

After that, set your security questions.

Step no. 10 

Now go to billing information. 

Enter your Full name, 

State/province etc. 


City, Postal Code and VAT if you have and click on save changes.

Step no. 11 

Now go to your profile, Enter your Description. 

In Description, write about what services you are selling and how much experience you have and overall convince your buyers why they should hire you. 

Enter your certificate, language, education, and skills.

Step no. 12 

Now click on the profile on the top right corner and click on Become a Seller. 

Now on the next screen, click on Become a Seller. 

Another screen will appear where you will be asked to watch the video. After watching the video, click on continue.

On the next screen, read the details and click on Continue 

Again click on continue 

How to create a Fiverr Account step by step guide

Then you will be asked to enter your name. 

Enter your name : 

Check the description 

Check your languages. 

Click on continue. 

Pro Tip: Add as many famous languages as you can.

Select your occupation and year. 

Check all five skills, 

Pro Tip: Don’t check less than five skills. And click on continue. 

Now verify all your Social Media accounts. 

Don’t leave it, and it is necessary to get orders. 

If you miss anything that I mentioned, your chances of getting an order are very rare. 

Now you become a seller, and now it’s time to Create your First Gig.

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