How to attract buyers on fiverr – Earn more money in fiverr marketplace

How to attract buyers on Fiverr

Now your gig is ready. If you need any help ask questions in a group or join our webinar. After the creation of gig, there are some other important things you need to do. These important things are necessary to get orders. 

I have mentioned all below. 

  • Make all 7 gigs on different fewer competition niches. 
  • Use Social Media E.g Quora, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook to promote your gig. 

Stay online 24/7 

Now, the most important step is to stay online as much as you can. Preferably between 12 – 6 am PST. you have to remain online. Maximum time you are online, Higher the chances of getting orders. 

Whether you’re a new seller or have an old account. Fiverr will only consider active and working sellers for ranking. You have to always be online so when buyers select “Active Sellers” in search, your Gig will be shown there.

 Download the fiverr app on mobile and keep online as much as possible. 

Some people misunderstand online status, they consider it to just turn the net on, to be online, so until you do not open a website or app, you will never be shown online. 

Fivlytics : Install a chrome extension Fivlytics.

Fivlytics is a tool which helps you to view Fiverr keyword analytics, SEO and extract more information from fiverr. 

Fivlytics has several features ranging from Fiverr keyword analytics, gig seo, gig rank checker to enhance your Fiverr dashboard with detailed buyer requests, notification reminders etc. 

If you are kept logged in to your Fiverr account, this tool checks notifications periodically and notify you if there are any unread notifications or messages. This works without the fiverr website being opened in the browser. You can always do your other work without checking the Fiverr website. 

How to attract buyers on fiverr

Communication Skill : 

The next thing is communication skills.

Communication is the key. 

It is a well-known fact that your communication skills have a major share in your success. You are a skilled person, an expert in your work but if the communication with the client is weak; it is likely possible that you may not win an order. Yes, it happens. Instead, another candidate who may not be as skilled as you but has good communication has better chance to grab the opportunities. So communication is really important. 

If you have good communication skills you will get orders. 

How to improve your communication skills? 

Remember that communication is not rocket science. It’s a smart skill and anyone can easily master it. English, being the international language, is widely used as a communication tool and it’s important that you must be well acquainted with at least the basics. So the point comes how to communicate strongly with your client? 

  • Always greet the client-friendly. Try to address your client with his/her name as this sounds good to the other person. Like: Hello John, hope you’re doing well. I am glad that you’re interested in hiring my services. I will try to give my best. (see you’re offering with full confidence which will. Allow your client to build trust on you) 
  • Use nice, humble emojis (nonverbal communication) only when necessary. Better to make a smiley face . Do not put hearts and non-serious stuff as that looks unprofessional. 
  • Address each and every requirement of your client and assure them that you have understood. But if not, then still be clear about it. Don’t fear asking relevant questions from your client. For Example : Hey JOHN, i have understood well your demands and orientations about this project, but i would like to know further on this point (mention it). Can you please elaborate? 
  • Use humble phrases and expressions like: please, kindly, it will be so nice of you if it will be generous of you……… 
  • Offer your rates of all packages in a very gentle and professional way. Like if you feel that client finds you a little bit expensive, then try to allure him in nice words. 

For example, JOHN, why don’t you try my premium package?? I would provide you with the best quality work in just……… Price?? (add a free revision and don’t let your client go) 

  • Never be personal/political with your client. However, you can talk on good terms. Like: I understand. I adore you being so kind to me. Hope to see you next time as well.. 
  • Disputes/conflicts can be a possible thing in a client-freelancer relationship. So always be professional. Never ever try to be abusive, manipulative, over smart in such cases. Handle the dispute with respectful and gentle words. Like: JOHN, you might be right in your perspective, but my point is valid too. It was a misconception/miscommunication. Let’s mutually resolve it.
  • When you get an order, Keep updating your client about the progress of the work. It may or may not be demanded by the client, but if you do so, it will strengthen the trust of your client and he/she will be assured that you’re very “concerned”, committed and responsible. It may help you win some permanent clients as well. For example, keep sending the updates like: 

Hey John. Good evening/morning /noon. Look, we are almost halfway done. I hope you like it. 

Dear John, the work is in progress. I am sharing with you some glimpses of it. It will be complete soon. 

Make sure to keep updating the gig’s, changing their tags and description, and high quality gig images. 

Use Buyer Request Feature. 

A Buyer Request is sort of an application and proposal that you send to your clients to apply for the job for which they have needed a freelancer. Buyer Requests are all about client demand so we have to send our offer according to the client’s requirements. 

Send proposal in buyer request. check the buyer request within a specific time preferably: 12 pm to 1. pm, 05:45 pm to 7 pm, 10 pm to 12 am and 1.00 am to 3 am. The said timing has more chances to show the buyer’s request rather than others. 

Final Tips: 

For a newbie to get started on Fiverr or any other platform is frustrating as you don’t know how to get started and generate initial sales. Well, you have to focus on the basics first and making yourself stand-out in the crowd.

I have come up with some Tips which I am using to rank my Fiverr Gig. 

These SEO tips will surely help you to rank gig and get more orders!

1 – Use Targeted Keywords in your Gig 

Using keywords that match your services can boost your gig ranking in no time. Search for keywords related to your skills and services, create an SEO keyword enriched title, description & Tags and wait for buyers to start flowing top search keywords on Fiverr. Keyword helps in ranking your Fiverr gig.

2 – Go for a video Gig 

A video gig boosts your ranking more than an image gig. Not the client finds you trustable, but they make it easy to convey your services. You can even create your video gig using a smartphone. You can explain your services and experience in your video.

3 – Use your own Image on Gig 

Yes! You hear me right. Try using one of your own “Good Looking” images on the gig. The results will be crazy!! (Disclaimer: It works for both boys & girls) 

4 – Use your tags very wisely 

Tags can help you get a great deal only if used wisely, and you should always use your targeted keywords in your tags. Research your niche and create your tags. The client searches your gig through tags. So, always use most search tags or keywords.

5 – Do on-page SEO of your Gig 

Just Like a website needs proper on-page SEO of every page, you should do SEO for your gigs as well. It helps in a ranking gig on the first page. First, create a Fiverr gig & then do proper SEO with the use of keywords.

6 – Try to Stay online 24/7 

Try to stay online 24/7. I know it’s impossible for a single person. For this purpose, you can form a team of 2 persons. Rest you know what to do! 

7 – Create multiple gigs in the same category 

To increase your chances of being hired, you can make multiple gigs in the same category but with different subcategories. For example: solve the WordPress issue, you can make two more gigs, e.g one for “WordPress speed” and others for “WordPress install”. 

8 – Never sell your service cheaper than the market rate 

It will give a really bad impression to the client and he will start thinking that you are not a “Pro” in your field that’s why you are selling your services so cheaply. Recognize your worth. Demand the market price and stick to it, Never settle down less than the market rate. They can pay us! 

9 – After a while (month) ping your old clients 

This trick really works and gives you immediate results. But in order to achieve desired results, you should have strong communication skills. After some time just send a message to your old buyers/clients asking “Hey! How are you doing? Any upcoming project?” OR “Hey there! It’s a discount week and I’ve decided to offer a 30%/40% Discount to all of my old clients.” 

You can give a “buy one get one free offer” depending on your services!

Communication Tips with buyers: 

1: Greet your client well. 

2: Call them with their first name. 

3: Don’t slack off. 

4: Don’t be rude. 

5: You must not let your client down. 

6: Try to provide a solution to the problem instead of selling your services immediately. 

7: If you are a Nob of English, try using Grammarly or Google to avoid/reduce mistakes. 

8: You must provide your work on time and produce the best of you. 

9: Don’t put the work on hold. Deliver it as soon as possible. It will leave a good impression on your client. 

10: Offer a guarantee/full refund and stick to it. 11: Don’t ask for feedback. JUST DON’T !!!

A genuine and timely worker wins a rating in no time, and ratings are your key to the Fiverr gigs ranking!

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