Harvel lifetime deal-Copyright protection for next-gen creators

Harvel lifetime deal

Piracy has been a major issue for both creators and consumers in the digital age. Unfortunately, the piracy problem is so pervasive that many artists and companies have developed novel ways to combat it, such as Harvel. Founded in 2018 by software engineers and copyright holders, Harvel is a copyright protection tool that automatically scans the web for pirated content and sends expert-verified DMCA takedown requests to site hosts and search engines.

How to work harvel

Harvel is a powerful tool that lets you easily track and report intellectual property infringement. Moreover, it’s the only service of its kind that works across multiple websites and social media platforms.

With Harvel, you can stop wasting time and money on content writing. Instead, join thousands of happy copywriters, marketers, & entrepreneurs who’re using Harvel as an unfair advantage to grow their business.

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Harvel works closely with Google and other search engines to deindex sites with pirated material to not appear in search results.

After the DMCA deindexing and takedown are completed, you will be able to view the official record of the takedown to see all actions Harvel took to protect your rights.

Harvel also supports allow listing, which allows you to make sure that custom domains from which you sell your content don’t get flagged as infringing.

Harvel: Automated Piracy Detection

Harvel can scan the internet daily to find where your content is stolen. In addition, it will add up all the times your content is being repped.

  • Automated Piracy Detection
  • Human Verification on all found links
  • Extensive Web Crawler for IP Infringement

Harvel Takedown Notice & Legal Action

Harvel will send DMCA takedown requests to Google and hosting providers to remove your site from their search engine listings. Harvel also ensures that the site itself is removed from search engine listings. As a result, you won’t lose any potential revenue if you use travel services.

Suppose you’re struggling with content marketing, congratulations on getting to this page! Remove your site from search engines and stop losing money on content marketing. Harvel helps you grow your business and generate more leads.

Get started now. Make sure this doesn’t happen again!

  • Remove infringement from Google Search
  • DMCA Takedown Notices
  • Full IP Protection

Weekly Reports

Harvel, take your privacy seriously. Harvel doesn’t monitor your online behaviour, and we never share your data with anyone. Harvel saves you from the constant struggle of meeting new restrictions and the overwhelming pressure of figuring out what to do next when a site disappears.

Want to stay ahead of the copyright game? Harvel provides you with actionable notifications when something happens on the web that infringes on your work – without any additional effort on your part.

  • Peace of mind creating new content
  • Always know what’s happening with your content
  • Weekly Stats over e-mail

Harvel pricing and feature

Find the perfect plan for your creator business, and stop revenue leak!

Harvel lifetime deal

Harvel lifetime deal – appsumo

Harvel protects your creativity and revenue stream against copyright infringement and piracy. Harvel uses automatic web crawl detection to detect and respond to official DMCA requests.

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  • Lifetime access to Harvel
  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 3 license tiers
  • All future Pro Plan updates
  • GDPR compliant
  • Manual requests
  • Google takedowns
  • Unlimited takedowns

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