Easyship review Powerful Shipping Software

Easyship review

Businesses are increasingly moving to online stores and other sales channels to achieve more sales, make more money, and get greater exposure. With this growth comes more inventory and product handling tasks that need to be overseen by staff on the frontline.

Shipping software could greatly improve your business’s efficiency, but products are a complex product category with many different types of shipping methods that require customized tracking software for each item.

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Easyship’s easy-to-use shipping software is perfect for when you need accurate tracking data, customizations, and manual shipments from your shipping agents or warehouse staff. Easyship also offers a variety of different integrations with popular apps.

What is Easyship?

Easyship is the most popular internet-based shipping application. Its intuitive platform is integrated with leading eCommerce marketplaces like BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, ShopifyPlus, Squarespace, eBay, Amazon, as well as crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo and lets you control everything related to shipping and orders on one screen. Access discounted rates that have been negotiated from the top couriers such as USPS, UPS, and FedEx with no limits or requirements for accounts. Then, compare rates and save up 70 percent off retail. Brands such as Craighill, MoMA, and IronMan utilize Easyship to streamline their shipping procedures, improve customers’ experience, and also save money on shipping each day.

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Easyship Review: All-in-One Shipping Platform for eCommerce Sellers

Shipping is essential to any eCommerce business. An eCommerce store has to deliver its physical merchandise via a shipper, so creating good shipping choices is essential in this regard. Easyship is specifically designed for the eCommerce industry and has a huge variety of choices. Cloud-based ship service has existed for a long time, and Easyship is a leading platform that connects international customers through a smart shipment solution. The cloud makes it easy for you to avoid any hardware issues that may occur with your computer’s computer system or other hardware components. Easyship provides online businesses with an emphasis on eCommerce.

Easyship Review Frequently Asked Questions

Easyship can be purchased at no extra cost. No setups, subscriptions, or cancellation charges. Save 70% on shipping from a range of shipping companies. Easyship will pay taxes if you order abroad. Easy Ship provides wineries that order from themselves and can automate their fulfillment process by providing label creation right from WineDirect. Easyship has flexible features to offer Pay per Visit plans. You only get a monthly shipping fee.

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Details of the product

Easy Ship is an integrated service that delivers international shipping services in just one location. Integrated with hundreds of millions of international couriers, the program has reduced rates by 65%. International Shipping regulations, tax rates available for courier service, costs of shipping are all presented. Currently, there are many large and varied marketplace platforms.

Is a stand-alone shipping platform the right move?

Easyship can integrate with dozens of sales channels and offers an extensive selection of carriers. In addition to its features, all of the products are not necessarily necessary. Many eCommerce sites have specific shipping capabilities, which make integration shipping into the online store very easy. Easyship offers great features when it comes to online marketing.

Easyship Review – The Ultimate Review

And that is all. Easyship certainly meets expectations. It’s designed to reduce your workload when negotiating with a multitude of carriers across several countries. Both merchant customers and enterprises can leverage the tools provided to find the right carrier in their order process. It’s possible the company name suits them perfectly.

Easyship Pricing Plans

Easyship review

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Easyship can be used for free in most situations. Your shipping costs will be calculated according to your shipping requirements. The plan options are flexible: You can select whether you require monthly payments or annual payments. You can change your billing information without any fees. Below are all four pricing offered by Easyship.

  • The Free Plan: The Free Plan provides customer support via email (customer service) and shipment notifications and rates at checkout, analytics, unlimited integrations with e-commerce. One team member, one courier account, and 100 deliveries per month.
  • Plus Plans: For $23 per month when it is billed annually, or $29 per month if you pay monthly, The Plus plan offers live chat, customized tracking experience, email customer service, assistance, notification of shipment and rates at checkout analytics, unlimited e-commerce integrations three team members, two courier accounts and 500 monthly shipments.
  • Premier Plan: The Premier Plan pushes the monthly cost to $49 when you pay monthly and $39 if billed annually. In exchange, you will receive telephone support, chat support, and a custom-branded tracking experience and email support, as well as notification of shipments, discounts at checkout analytics, unlimited eCommerce integrations, five team members, three shipping accounts, and up to 2,500 deliveries each month.
  • Enterprise Plan: The Enterprise Plan is provided at a custom price depending on your specific account’s features. It offers a customer service manager, telephone support as well as chat support. It also provides the ability to track your own brand as well as email support and customer service, notifications of shipments and rates at checkout analytics, unlimited e-commerce integrations, and unlimited team members—an unlimited number of couriers, as well as unlimited shipping per month.

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Who can use Easyship?

Easyship provides more than 250 services to any customer free of charge. Our automated commercial invoice system generates a customized packing slip and sends trackers’ emails to customers.

Can I trust Easyship?

Easyship provides easy-to-use, reliable, and cost-saving solutions for new startups. I used Easyship over three months ago, and I highly recommend this product. EasyShip is an excellent option for your overall transportation needs. Help provide a decent discount with a nice design.

Can I change my plan?

You can modify or cancel your account at any time. If you decide to upgrade your account, you’ll be charged for the amount between the two tiers for the rest of the time. Upgrades take effect after the expiration of your billing cycle, which means you’ll be able to utilize features from the plan that is higher until.

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When will I be billed?  

Easyship subscriptions will be charged each month. After the first month’s trial period, you will be charged the monthly subscription cost (plus any taxes applicable in the event of any) at the beginning of each billing cycle.

Customer Support

Do you have a question regarding shipping using Easyship? All customers can access email assistance from Easyship’s customer service team. Plus, Premier and Enterprise customers have access to chat support. Premier and Enterprise customers can also access telephone support to seek assistance for any issues or questions that occur.

Easyship Features

Easyship review

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Easyship has a variety of options. In order to sell online products, Easyship offers no competition for quality service at a very reasonable cost. Although Easyship offers many options for shipping, it’s essential to be aware of the features it offers to ensure you get the most value from this platform. This page outlines some of the services Easyship offers.

Powerful Shipping Software

ShippingEasy is the cloud-based delivery software of choice for expanding companies. You can get the best rates by using tracking and shipping that clients enjoy.

The Cheapest Shipping Rates, Guaranteed

Shipping is a major revenue generator for many people, but it can be a nightmare. Every time you have to pay for shipping, you just lose money for no reason – it’s just something that happens.

Do you love your products but hate the way they get delivered? Do you want to start saving money on expensive courier fees? Then try our fee-less shipping service and start receiving your goods faster than ever before. Look at all the benefits available here!

In today’s economy, people tend to avoid shipping as much as possible. But with Easyship, no more delays or frustrations because we resolve all shipping issues with our customers in minutes! Our customer support staff always helps you.

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Improve Your Store. No Coding Necessary.

Enhance conversion rates for checkouts by displaying dynamic rates for the checkout. Display the top range of couriers available as well as the delivery time and fully-landed prices. Find out how checkout affects conversions.

Easyship is fully integrated with the most popular marketplaces and eCommerce platforms. You can control all of your shipping without writing only one line of code.

Multiple Shipping Locations

You don’t want to add too many additional services, which adds a lot of coordination and administration effort. However, you need to keep track of each service and make sure they’re up to date. Plus, it’s very time-consuming when you have multiple teams.

You want to do everything yourself, and this results in better efficiency and productivity, but your delivery times are going down. Plus, ensuring that all the packages get delivered on time is not possible without adding more account managers.

With Easyship, there are no more headaches or unnecessary admin work! Easyship provides all your services for you so you can focus on what matters most.

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Printing Shipping Labels 

Customs is one of the largest industries in the world, and shipping goods across international borders is one of the most difficult and expensive tasks. In order to reduce costs and improve shipping efficiency, we need a better way to do this.

Customs can be a very expensive and difficult process. If you want to avoid overpaying for customs, it’s important that you avoid costly mistakes. The Easyship online platform removes this headache by providing customized packing slips, labels, and documents ready for printing at any time.

Some Reasons to Consider Using Easyship

Easyship solves a lot of challenges for eCommerce businesses. Its shipping-free nature means that there can be few restrictions compared to the other eCommerce shipping platforms how Easyship simplifies online commerce.

Easyship pros and cons


Easy integration & syncs perfectly with the Shopify store. Support is responsive and helpful. I love the fact that it offers my customers and me the option of which shipping company they prefer to ship to, and also the cost is displayed in advance without any unexpected costs.


Contacting different companies can become difficult- using a central number for contact will be much simpler with automated call forwards to the particular delivery service. It is not possible to set delivery times for the service provider. Sometimes, my customers ask for delivery on a particular date, but there’s no way to specify this.

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