Captain data review- How to use captain data?

If you’re finding it hard to find a developer who can help you automate the process of extracting and enriching data, or if the data tools themselves are too complicated to use, there are a few things you can do. One option is to use a data extraction tool like Captain Data review, which makes the process of extracting and enriching data much easier.

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What is Captain Data?

Captain Data is a no-code automation platform that helps automate processes like automated lead generation and CRM enrichment. By automating these processes, you can free up your time to focus on more important tasks. It makes it easy to connect to your data sources and make automated decisions.


  • LinkedIn and Google Maps can be used to safely and automatically enrich data.
  • Alternative to: Phantombuster
  • Access your preferred tools and connect with simple to use no-code automation templates for lead generation and beyond.
  • Agencies with online presences, marketing, and sales teams, and solopreneurs may find this plug-in helpful thanks to its automation capabilities and time-saving features.

Captain data overview

Captain Data is a SaaS platform that extracts, enriches, and automates data for you. Pre-made workflows are available with a few clicks of the mouse – find companies faster than ever before by using Captain in combination with whatever tools your favorite business application has to offer! It collects a professional email on LinkedIn sales navigator and exports it to excel and it saves customer personal data.

Captain Data(review) is built for non-techies, which means you don’t have to be a programmer or growth hacker in order to benefit from the potential that web-based data can bring. (But If you are and you are, you’ll be amazed at these templates!)

You can pick from a range of 100+ Multi-tasking Workflow Templates and single-step automation. Twenty-plus native interfaces and more than 25 datasets, including Google Maps to LinkedIn.

Set up an automated workflow in less than two minutes, even if not a pro at automation tools.

You also have the option to link your Captain Data account to other workflows to scale along with your expanding team. Additionally, It centralizes team member accounts for each integration, so anybody on your team can quickly implement automation. You can also create accounts for the people on your team, but their efforts cannot access your Captain Data account!

You can use work tools, such as spreadsheets, teleconferences, software, and social networks, to completely and efficiently complete your tasks while you stay logged in.

How to work it?

  1. Captain Data, you’ll be in a position to effortlessly connect to tools that you already utilize, like the CRM, spreadsheets, and social media, through the API key and native connectors.
  2. Create synchronization of your accounts in one click and utilize them in different workflows, allowing you to scale your workflow as you expand.
  3. Furthermore, Captain Data centralizes your team’s accounts across all integrations, which means that anyone in your team is able to quickly automate their workflow in just a few only a few minutes.
  4. You are also able to make accounts for other people that aren’t part of your group but without being able to access the Captain Data account.

Build your ideal workflows

Captain Data allows you to rapidly set up lead gen or enrichment workflows in less than 2 minutes.

Step 1: Choose the apps to include in your workflow

Step 2: Pick the template that fits your use case

Step 3: Setup your automation in a few seconds

Step 4: Launch your workflow and never worry about it again

How to use Captain Data to automate processes and build databases:

Find company employees with LinkedIn

Employers from organizations that you have previously been qualified for to select them based on job title, keywords, and place of work.

This workflow is perfect for your Account-Base marketing campaign!

It lets you find workers for certain companies for which you have previously been able to qualify.

They can be filtered based on job title, keywords, and location. You can also complete their profile by adding their email address using Dropcontact, Hunter, or an alternative email finder.

Search & extract LinkedIn job offers

Extract a list of job offers from a LinkedIn job search and all the data associated with the offers.

Provide a LinkedIn jobs search URL, and the task will extract every job offers obtained from the search.

Find decision-makers and their contact from a website.

Find decision-makers ‘ emails using an email finder beginning with a web input.

The aim of this process is to identify particular decision-makers and their professional email addresses, starting with a website.

  • Go to the website, and then extracts social profiles
  • Finds the business using Google Search if no social accounts have been discovered
  • The company’s profile is an enhanced LinkedIn profile
  • Starts the Sales Navigator Leads Search (given certain filters)
  • Aggregate the data
  • Finds emails from an external 3rd party ( ColdCRM, Dropcontact, and others)

Captain data review

Automate lead generation with Lemlist

This workflow can help you find B2B email messages from LinkedIn as well as Sales Navigator Search while gathering top-quality company information and transferring it to Lemlist.

This lead generation workflow automatically pushes your information onto those Lemlist campaigns!

  • Extracts from a Sale Navigator Leads Search
  • Checks out the profiles and gathers information
  • Information about the companies which your prospective employees are working at
  • Find civility, email addresses, and social media information of your company using an email finder
  • Sends the aggregated information to Lemlist Campaigns. Lemlist Lemlist Campaign

Search LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

Search and extract profiles from a LinkedIn Recruiter Lite Search.

Search Sales Navigator Companies

Create a list of businesses (“Accounts”) that meet the specified guidelines.

Get an account list (companies) from the sales navigator Account search.

You can provide one or more Sales Navigator Account search URLs, and the task will retrieve all the companies that are found through the search.

Usage Cases

  • Create leads for accounts to use in your account-based advertising (ABM) campaign
  • Identify similar companies
  • Conduct market & competitor studies


  • Click here for more information regarding LinkedIn’s restrictions.

Extract from Google reviews of Chrome Store

Extract Reviews from extensions that are listed within the Chrome Store

This workflow allows you to get reviews from extensions that are that is listed on the Google Store

Search and enhance Sales Navigator businesses

Find Sales Navigator accounts on Search (companies) and then extract information from the LinkedIn company’s profile.

This process is the most efficient way to find companies through Sales Navigator and enrich their profiles on LinkedIn.

Enhance company names by adding LinkedIn

Find a company’s name on Google and then extract its LinkedIn profile.

The goal of this process is to improve a company’s profile using an organization’s name or company’s domain.

Simply enter names on a list of domain names to create for your LinkedIn session cookie.

Find leads via email with Dropcontact.

Dropcontact is an award-winning email enhancement tool that boasts high rates of deliverability.

Extract Twitter Followers

Extract followers from a specific Twitter account.

Extra Instagram Followers

Find followers on certain Instagram accounts.

Captain data review

This feature lets you quickly find followers for a specific Instagram account.

Use LinkedIn’s search feature to find LinkedIn users and then send connection requests.

Connect with individuals on LinkedIn (or sales Navigator) and then send an invitation to connect.

This workflow lets you take a search result on LinkedIn and then go back and make connection requests by sending personal notes to profiles that were earlier removed.

This workflow is accessible on LinkedIn as well as Sales Navigator.

After these steps have been completed, the results are in the form of a Google Spreadsheet, for example.

Account-Based Marketing workflow with Sales Navigator

One method to search companies using Sales Navigator, find and sort employees, then extract their profiles and join with the companies that are in their respective categories.

This workflow automates lead generation by using a Sales Navigator Account search like this.

Here’s how it functions the underneath:

  1. Creates Sales Navigator Accounts Search
  2. Get the complete company (account) information.
  3. Extracts the URLs of employees
  4. Filters the URLs that are extracted that contain a title or keywords that you can include in the input parameters (it will also block by default the people who are in your CRM if you have synced it). It is compatible with boolean search.
  5. Searches for every firm
  6. Each profile is extracted and aggregates the information to make it easier for you.

Captain data review

Automate lead generation with LinkedIn & email finders

This is the most efficient way to locate B2B email addresses from a LinkedIn Search using a 3rd-party email finder and collect high-quality leads.

The most effective lead generation workflow

  • Extracts information from the LinkedIn People Search
  • Gets every profile’s information
  • Information about the companies which you are a potential employee at
  • Find out the email addresses civility, corporate social, and details with an email finder.

Utilization Cases

  • Company leads and source leads on autopilot and locates B2B emails to use for your email outreach
  • Begin to warm up an audience prior to an outbound campaign by going to their websites.
  • Sales Navigator Auto-Connect can be used to connect to prospects via Sales Navigator when you haven’t discovered emails.

Search LinkedIn Companies

Get the names of companies you want to list from a LinkedIn Company search.

Create the LinkedIn company search URL, and the task will be to extract each company found in the search.

Usage Cases

  • Get your most ideal (and similar) business profile
  • Make use of LinkedIn’s People Search to find employees from your company.
  • Leads can be accumulated across the sales pipeline using accurate company information.

Extract Google Reviews

This process extracts all or a portion of reviews of customers from any property featured in Google Maps.

Simply use an URL like this one: and start extracting reviews.

Search and enrich LinkedIn leads

Extract the LinkedIn profile’s data from a LinkedIn People search, or Sales Navigator Leads search.

Find a company and extract employees by job title.

Find particular employees and their email addresses by using an email finder from a third party beginning with an organization’s name or corporate domain.

The aim of this process is to identify particular employees and their official email addresses that start with the company name or company’s domain.

  • The company is found by Google Search
  • The company’s profile is an enhanced LinkedIn profile
  • Starts a Sales Navigator leads search (given specific filters)
  • The data is aggregated
  • Discovers emails from an external 3rd party (Dropcontact, Hunter, etc.)

Find email leads with

How to source leads or recruit top talents on auto-pilot using Captain Data, LinkedIn Sales Navigator and

Pros: It is an easy way to gather data from the web, and this is exactly what I needed. It’s extremely simple to use without any coding experience. I mostly use it for lead gen and data enrichment, mostly from social media. 

Cons: The tool is simple to use, yet, proper documentation and how-to video tutorials are lacking.

Captain Data review in customer

how to use captain data review

Final verdict

Captain Data is an excellent automation platform to help streamline processes like lead generation and CRM enrichment. With its easy-to-use interface, Captain Data makes data extraction and enrichment a breeze. If you’re looking for an automated way to improve your business operations.

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