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Altas vpn review

Like the name implies, Atlas VPN offers to place the world within reach. This VPN service that is geared towards mobile is perfect for newbies with user-friendly apps and even a great free version.

It’s remarkable in removing the blockage of streaming siteslike Netflix or BBC iPlayer and keeping your browsing free of ads thanks to its ad blocker feature as well as ensuring your information isn’t being leaked due to its powerful data breach detector.

Furthermore to that, it allows you to select among more than 700 servers spread across thirty-one countries. It also comes with a kill switch, and an effective no-logs policy.

The following Atlas VPN review 2022, I’ll attempt to explore all the strengths and flaws and weaknesses of this VPN. Learn more about its speed.

Altas vpn review


Altas VPN Price

Atlas VPN pros and cons


  • Unblocks streaming services in the majority of cases
  • This includes web filters.
  • WireGuard(r) protocol
  • Live Support
  • Built-in 2FA authentication
  • Free version
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Based in the US
  • Small server fleet

Streaming How does Atlas VPN work with Netflix?

Platform Do you think it works?
Netflix Yes
Youtube Yes
BBC iPlayer Yes


Altas VPN Price

Certain VPNs are sold solely on their ability to unlock streaming services. For the best VPN service, this is one of the most crucial aspects to be done right. Beware: Atlas VPN has some nice surprises in store.

  • Youtube. I began the test with YouTube by watching a geo-restricted NBA highlights video that is available only for US viewers. It and a host of other restricted content in the world were able to be watched after connecting with Atlas VPN servers. It is my opinion that if you’re looking to deblock YouTube the channel, it will work without issue.
  • BBC iPlayer. The next one on the list was the notorious British streaming platform. Atlas VPN unblocked it as well. I didn’t experience any buffering issues or stutters. If you’re looking to have your UK media fixed will not disappoint you.
  • Netflix The third and final test was conducted. Atlas VPN exceeded expectations and blocked a variety of libraries. If you’re out of content to watch, install it and watch shows that are available in other countries.
  • DAZN. A lot of services fail to connect to DAZN since it’s an extremely difficult service to get access to. Unfortunately, Atlas VPN is no exception. If you’re looking to watch fight sports and want to watch them, you’ll have to go on other television broadcasters.

Altas VPN Price

Can Atlas VPN allow torrenting?

Atlas VPN doesn’t make a huge fuss about its capabilities to torrent. They do not offer dedicated P2P servers, like for instance, NordVPN, neither are they promoting the benefits. But, despite the silence, I am able to verify for myself that torrenting works.

The download speed I experienced was about 4 – 6MB/s (32-48mbps). It took me about 7 mins to download the 2.7 1 GB file. The results could vary due to speeds are subject to the identical factors which create VPN speeds difficult to determine and also the seeders/leechers and other details. It is recommended test the service on your own to determine what it can do in terms of performance.

Atlas VPN doesn’t advertise this however torrenting works with their free version too. However, don’t expect speeds to be as quick.

Pricing and plans

If you’ve enjoyed what you learned in the Atlas VPN review If you’re also happy to know it’s true that the VPN is among the least expensive that are available. It is especially important to remember that it offers the ability to connect up to ten times simultaneously.

Altas vpn review

Altas VPN Price



1 month plan $10.99
1-year plan $39.42 or $3.29/month
2-year plan for 2 years $49.19 or $2.05/month

Altas VPN Price

The 2-year plan can make you save lots of money, since it costs only $2.05 each month which is $49.19 for the entire duration of the subscription.

However, if you do not desire a commitment for a long time then you can go for the annual plan which will cost $3.29 per month. For those who would like to try Atlas VPN just for a one-month period will need to shell out $10.99.

Each plan includes every plan comes with a 30-day money-back-guarantee which means you are able to test out the paid options and decide if you are satisfied enough that you’re willing to make the cost. Payment options comprise the use of credit cards Google Pay and PayPal.

However, if you’re looking to purchase Atlas VPN for a trulycheap price, you are welcome to browse our selection of the top coupons available to get VPN service.

Altas VPN Price

Free version

Atlas VPN is one of the few providers that offer an option to download for free that is not to be undervalued. But, it’s crucial to remember that there’s a 10 GB limit of data on the plan. This means it’s not your ideal choice for downloading or streaming huge media files.

Atlas VPN continues to be the top value provider in that in that. If you sign up for the free version you’ll be able to access three different locations: Netherlands – Amsterdam, USA – Los Angeles and USA Los Angeles, and USA – New York. Although they provide an unlimited amount of bandwidth, their basic version doesn’t grant accessibility to streaming-optimized servers, 24 hours a day assistance as well as unlimited simultaneous connections along with the safeBrowse option.

Servers and locations

A vast server fleet gives an excellent coverage across the globe, no matter where you’re. It also makes it more easy to find a speedier server because the user’s load is are distributed evenly across them. This has negative effects on performance.

Altas VPN Price

Regions: 31
Europe: 23
Asia: 4
Americas: 2
The rest of the world 2


Altas VPN Price

Unfortunately, Atlas VPN doesn’t cover all of the places. It’s got 700+ server in 31 , countries. When compared to the seasoned veterans of the VPN market the numbers appear small. Atlas VPN was a mobile-only VPN service for a time and the numbers are a reflection of the range of options accessible on free apps in the app stores for mobile devices. Although the service has caught with client for desktops, the size could be expanded.


As of right now, the server selection is the most extensive in Europe You can pick from 23 different locations. The coverage across other regions of the world is smaller, offering just four countries that are located in Asia and two in the Americas and two for the rest of the world.

In connection to servers you may choose to use a when connecting to a server, you can select an safeswap one. Servers that support this feature send your data through several IP addresses, which makes it nearly impossible to track your movements.

Is Atlas VPN work in China?

The HTML0 protocol is indeed working. Atlas VPN does work in China. Although it does not offer anonymization of traffic, which is the principal method for fighting VPN prohibitions switching the IKEv2/IPSec VPN tunnelling method to WireGuard could fix the issue.

Keep in your mind that there are some servers or countries are working every connection. Thus, you will require searching for a server that is available. We’ve had success connecting via Denmark, Ireland, and several other countries. And the connection was steady!

If you’re interested in other alternatives for VPNs that operate in China You will always find a list them on our site.

Speed and performance: Is Atlas VPN fast?

Although all VPNs can slow your connection, some do a better job over others. To provide the most exact view, I’m using my identical test device, measuring its base speeds and connecting to the same locations. Then, I calculate drop-off percentages. Let’s check out how speedy Atlas VPN is.

Altas VPN Price


Location Speed of download (Mbps) Speed of upload (Mbps)
US (NY) 243 270
UK 247 282
Germany 242 292
Sweden 256 293
Australia 210 269

Altas VPN Price

  • Baseline: 1 ms/300 Mbps download/300 Mbps upload

With the introduction in the WireGuard Tunneling Protocol, speed of Atlas VPN significantly improved. Average download speeds decreased the speed of your connection by around 20 percent this is exactly the kind of thing you’d expect from WireGuard since the fact that it’s among the fastest protocols available on available. For average upload speeds, the decrease was much smaller, bringing the reduction to just 6 percent just. Ping was within reasonable limits and increased in proportional proportions based on the distance of your location.

All in all, Atlas VPN offers excellent speeds. Although this wasn’t one of the strengths of the service prior to its launch, it has currently. This is because IKEv2 was the only protocol Atlas VPN had, but Atlas VPN recently implemented WireGuard that is much more efficient and secure.

Atlas VPN video review

If you’re interested in an easier (and more enjoyable!) review of the Atlas VPN review, feel free to check out our video on the VPN service. It can help you determine which Atlas VPN is truly for you.

Altas VPN Price

Interface and user-friendliness

Platform Experience
Android Excellent application, extremely simple to use.
iOS Similar to the Android one.
Windows Some connection errors, built-in 2FA
macOS macOS is similar to Windows however, it runs more smoothly.

The services offered by Atlas VPN are easy to use and extremely user-friendly. They are particularly appealing to those who do not have much experience with VPN applications.

Atlas VPN offers apps for Windows, Mac, Android as well as iOS. Unfortunately, there isn’t a single application available for Linux at the moment.


Surprisingly, the Android application from Atlas VPN has been around more that its PC counterpart. This is evident in your experience. The mobile app features an more streamlined interface. It’s not unorganized or simple.

In terms of features, the toggles that are available include SafeBrowse and a systemwide shut-off switch. You can also determine whether your emails were part of any breaches of data using data hack detection.

Altas VPN Price

In the sense of VPNs designed for Android are concerned, it’s an excellent app I’d like to use it regularly.


It’s difficult to tell both Android and iOS applications from one another. The two apps appear and feel remarkably similar. That’s great and something companies need to do more often.

The only one difference that exists between iOS the two versions of Android that I could identify is the distinct name of the SafeBrowse feature. On iOS the feature is known as SafeBrowse Plus, and on Android it’s SafeBrowse. The sharing of usage statistics is found somewhere else. But, they’re not things that will drastically alter your experience.

Overall, it’s an excellent VPN app for iOS.


Its Windows VPN app has a style that is similar to the mobile applications (as they were first introduced). There are plenty of round corners that ensure it is pleasing to the eye. The application is quite simple to use and locate what you want.

However it wasn’t all smooth sailing. process went well. The app would sometimes freeze with connection issues. I’m not certain what caused the issue but it’s something that can be patched out in the near future.

Because there’s only a tiny amount of countries, there’s no requirement for a server search function at this point. You can browse across the page, and it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Altas VPN Price

The login comes with an integrated 2FA feature. When you sign into a newly acquired device, you need to confirm the verification code that was delivered via email. Although it might be a bit uncomfortable, it’s another measure of safety.


The experience was more smooth on the macOS application. Text and image scaling could benefit from some polish However, overall the text was easily read.

I also noticed that if you don’t specifically select which server you want to join, the application connects you with the nearest one. The different is that it’s shown in the upper right corner of the page. Therefore, you’ll have to scroll across the list to see which server is green beside it.

There’s also an option to switch to switch between dark and light mode and you can customize the settings.

Features of Atlas VPN

Although Atlas VPN doesn’t offer an extremely wide array of options, it still has something worth praising.

For instance the malicious blocker for websites can ensure that your device doesn’t become infected by malware by blocking websites that are blacklisted. The VPN also provides the option of rotating your IP address that is an interesting feature. Additionally, you may be interested in the data breach checking tool which lets you know if your personal information is safe.

Altas VPN Price


There’s a SafeBrowse (or SafeBrowse Plus on macOS and iOS) switch in the Security Options tab. It’s an option to protect yourself that you can turn on to stop malicious websites. When you’re using the VPN on and come across websites that are listed on the blacklist and you’re denied access, you’ll be blocked.

If you’ve tried Cyberghost as well as NordVPN You’ve seen other versions of the same service. It’s considered to be an exclusive feature, and should you wish to avail it, you’ll need to join.


In the past, Atlas VPN added the SafeSwap feature that is unique to the VPN market. If you are connected to the SafeSwap server the IP address is moved around as you connect.

In order for other VPN providers, to get the same effect it is necessary to disconnect , then connect to another server. With SafeSwap switching, the switching process is happening as the user browses. Therefore, if you access one webpage it will be using only one IP address. However, when you close it and then open a new one, the IP address will be changed.

Every SafeSwap is not just one, but many IP addresses allocated to them. They are shared among the users which makes the rotation of IP addresses in unpredictable. If you do not manually check you will not notice the IP addresses change. It doesn’t cause speed drops.

The three SafeSwap locations to pick from: The Netherlands, Singapore as well as The United States. I’m guessing they’ll be increasing the number of servers. Although I don’t believe this will be a massive increase given the number of IP addresses the company has to purchase in order to establish a single SafeSwap server.

Altas VPN Price

The feature is currently only available for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. The developers also plan to launch an macOS version within a short period of time.

Data hack detection

While it may sound like advanced technology, this function simply examines whether your information was exposed in security breaches. This is a premium feature, and those who aren’t paying for it won’t be able to use it.

If your personal information did end as a result of breach then you’ll be awarded bullet points based on the type of information that was disclosed. You can then verify if it was just your email address was exposed or if passwords were also affected. This can be a useful resource when trying to repair security weaknesses.


Is Atlas VPN secure?

For the security aspect, Atlas VPN sits between the two. It provides the basic features you’ll need in your VPN service, including the AES encryption as well as a functional death switch. But, the wide variety in protocol for tunneling may require an upgrade.

It is important to remember that in the month of October 2021 it was announced it was confirmed that Atlas VPN will be purchased through Nord Security, which is the parent company of NordVPN. This is fantastic news for users of Atlas VPN, as the agreement will mean the fact that Atlas VPN will have to adhere to the same standards of security and procedures that are used by Nord VPN, the leader in the VPN world.

Altas VPN Price

Tunneling protocols and encryption protocols

Once you’ve connected Atlas VPN’s serversyour internet connection is encrypted, which means nobody can view what you’re doing on the internet.

Particularly, Atlas VPN uses the AES-256 encryptionthat is the most current standard for protecting data and is widely used by government agencies as well as financial institution. Additionally, they have implemented the ChaCha20, a cipher that is based on an authenticator called Poly1305 that provides security of the next generation.

In terms of tunneling protocols There are two options available: IKEv2/IPSec as well as WireGuard. This is the latest feature of Atlas VPN, ensuring faster speeds and less ping. It’s also available for Android, Windows, macOS and iOS devices.

Altas VPN Price


Atlas VPN is based in the United America, Delaware. However it is it’s not a good choice for customers in Delaware. United States is at the top of the Five Eyes alliance but isn’t an overall privacy-friendly state and that’s the reason this isn’t one of the main selling points for Atlas VPN.

But, like many other VPN services that are anonyme, Atlas VPN does have a policy of no-logging. It states that they don’t store any personal information. Although this isn’t explicitly stated however, the no-log policy appears to apply in the case of the complimentary version.

The policy states that you may get in touch with them to have your account deleted permanently. California users may also ask for a copy of the information they hold on the you. It’s a small step towards to the correct direction.

Altas VPN Price

Kill switch

Atlas VPN has added a safety feature that can help protect against leaks of data. It’s referred to as the kill switch and is designed to block your Internet internet connection in the event that a connection with the VPN server is cut off. We conduct two tests to test how it functions by blocking connections to the router and deactivating Background VPN process.

In the initial test, the kill switch performed very well and ended the connection even when connection to server restricted. My only complaint have is that it does not inform me when the kill switch has been activated. I was pleased the fact that the Internet connection could be restored by turning off and enabling killing the switch.

This test is more difficult than usual, because the service doesn’t work with OpenVPN. This means that it’s possible that the VPN processes are connected to the client. Therefore, I needed to deactivate the client by having the kill switch activated. I discovered that this kill switch functions under these conditions..

Customer support

You are able to access the support section for customers directly through the AtlasVPN application. When you click the FAQ, you will be taken to the site. There are general information and workarounds for resolving technical problems.

Support for email is offered to all users at e9******[email protected]*** and Premium customers can avail live chat support 24 hours a day also. Support requests via email took several hours to be answered and the live chat connection was immediate. Overall, this is a great display by Atlas VPN. This is about as satisfactory as VPN support is concerned.

Altas VPN Price

Do you think it is worth the investment? Atlas VPN?

The question of whether Atlas VPN is worth getting depends upon your needs. It’s not an NordVPNor Surfshark quality VPN service however, it does have many advantages and is expanding at a quick pace.

Atlas VPN is an ideal beginning point for anyone looking to experience the benefits of a VPN. The free version comes with solid encryption and the premium version helps block Netflix and other streaming platforms. Fast and lightning fast Wireguard protocol, as well as features like Tracker Blocker can raise your security to a higher level.

Altas VPN Price

If you’re not sure whether to sign up for Atlas VPN or in case are already using the service and you have concerns, please feel free to drop us a line. We’ll be there to help as much as we are able!


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